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REASONANCE is a technology that allows transferring electrical energy without wires. 

It is a fundamentally new method that differs from all known methods of wireless energy transfer (magnetic resonance and induction). It is of the next, advanced level.

REASONANCE offers high performance: power, efficiency, safety, transfer distance, and design freedom parameters that outrank the other wireless technologies. Moreover, REASONANCE is 80-90% more cost-efficient than other existing wireless solutions, which makes it much closer to the real-product mass implementation.

REASONANCE technology can be used in many real-world applications: e-vehicles, smart roads, logistics trucks and forklifts, drones, cordless charging of various electronics and home appliances, wearable medical devices, and many others.

News Releases
Jan 12, 2021

Las Vegas, January 12, 2021 – CES 2021 - Many electronics manufacturers strive for the better user’s experience and comfort. One of such efforts is to make devices working without cords by...

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