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TV without cords – new freedom for your home and work spaces.
REASONANCE shows wirelessly powered TV at CES2021. Innovative technology changes user’s experience and finally brings wireless solutions to mass market products.

Las Vegas, January 12, 2021 – CES 2021 - Many electronics manufacturers strive for the better user’s experience and comfort. One of such efforts is to make devices working without cords by getting the power wirelessly – literally through the air.

There were few attempts to create a wirelessly working home devices, like TVs.  Samsung was going to show a “truly wireless TV” at CES 2020 but they have canceled their plans. As Samsung later clarified, the power efficiency achieved by the tech at this stage would not be enough to offer a stable source of power to the TV, and the walls or other devices in the vicinity could interfere with the power transfer.

With Reasonance technology the “truly wireless TV” becomes a reality.

The power transfer is stable enough and the transfer distance and angle are impressive.

Reasonance has powered 40” TV with 120W. For demonstration purposes the receiving coil was placed on the back panel, for the real product it can be incorporated inside the TV frame. The transmitting system is placed horizontally with an angle of 90 degrees at the distance of ca. 50 cm. In real life the transmitting system can be also integrated in the wall, furniture etc. - misalignment and changing the angle between the two coils is not the problem with Reasonance technology, so in reality you will be able to move your wireless TV closer to your bed or sofa at your convenience.  Moreover, the walls or furniture panels will not impact the transfer efficiency.

What’s the technology behind that makes it possible?

Reasonance is a fundamentally new tech that differs from all known methods of wireless power transfer. It is based on classic magnetic resonance but brings it to the next, advanced level. Thanks to the patented configuration of the transfer system, it offers high performance in power, efficiency, transfer distance, and design freedom.

Last but not least, Reasonance is also 80-90% more cost-efficient than other existing wireless solutions. All these factors make Reasonance technology much closer to the mass-market implementation.

The technology is patented and ready for use. So, the TV is just the beginning. Reasonance is currently working on other prototypes and invites technological partners who want to power their products without wires – be it an e-vehicle, a drone, a robot, an e-forklift or a wearable device – for collaboration. This breaking-through technology is flexible enough to be implemented in a wide range of market applications. Moreover, it is so cost-effective that might make a cordless future a close reality.

Technical data of the TV powered by REASONANCE

Power transferred                                 120 W

Frequency used                                      20-120 kHz

Distance (orthogonal alignment)            50 cm

Efficiency                                                90%

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