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Communication Officer - Business France North America
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Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. Business France has 1,500 employees, both in France and in 58 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of partners. Business France has given private partners responsibility for supporting French SMEs and mid-size companies in Belgium, Hungary, Morocco, Norway, the Philippines and Singapore.

News Releases
Jan 7, 2022

The success of the French Tech at CES is partly due to the high caliber startups selected by Business France whose Pavilion showcases the finest of the French Tech. "This edition is an opportunity...

Jan 6, 2022

LAS VEGAS, NV, January 6, 2022 – 12 French Tech start-ups exhibiting at CES Las Vegas 2022 recognized by the CTA and main stakeholders as the most innovative companies. CES 2022 is a particular...

Jan 4, 2022

This Sifted report analyses the state of French tech as of 2020, zooming in on the particular context created by the Covid-19 pandemic and looking well beyond it too, to explore the achievements...

Jan 3, 2022

LAS VEGAS, NV, January 3, 2022 - ICE ITA and Business France, the National Trade Agencies from Italy and France, have selected 8 nominees from each delegation to pitch on the Arena Italia, located...

Dec 17, 2021

17 December 2021 -- CES is back and so is La French Tech in a big way with more than 150 companies in Vegas. See why this is the world's fastest growing tech innovation ecosystem, attracting more...

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