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Business France selects 20 French Tech startups for CES Las Vegas

Paris, December 21, 2022 -- 

January 5-8, 2023
Eureka Park, Hall G, Stand 60200

The key focuses of the startups selected for the 10th CES participation of Business France / La French Tech are health, smart homes, mobility, and vocal assistants. Among the 170 exhibiting companies at Eureka Park, Business France and an expert panel of judges have selected 14 startups from 100 applicants that will showcase their innovations at the show. The startups were chosen based on three criteria: the innovative nature of their products, their ability to take full advantage of attendance at CES, and the potential for commercial success.

Business France is also supporting six other, more mature, startups: Daan Tech, Y-Brush,, Keymo, BLabs, and Vivoka. 

To take advantage of the event and fully benefit from the CES knock-on effect, Business France set up an upstream support program. The startups were able to attend 23 coaching sessions to help them prepare for the event. At the sessions, the startups learned how to pitch in English adapted to different audiences and perfected their knowledge of the American ecosystem, US regulations, customs aspects, and intellectual property. 

On site, Business France will also connect startups with major international key accounts.

The 14 Business France startups selected for CES

Attitud is a French startup with a societal impact committed to audio well-being. Geared towards innovation, the company creates wireless headsets for safe and comfortable listening with excellent sound quality. It brings its customers a whole new experience of headset listening, creating a fresh attitude!

Bugali is a tech firm dedicated to children and their learning, providing them with a revolutionary augmented-reading experience.

Clark Home has designed a connected defibrillator for the general public.  In addition to first-aid measures, namely a heart massage, the device delivers an electric shock to increase the chances of survival.

Delmonicos, founded in July 2021, is the first company created by the French startup studio Lumena. With an 11-strong workforce, Delmonicos is developing an innovative and revolutionary solution to facilitate the development of electromobility, enabling drivers to access all electric vehicle charging stations.

Ecomesure provides comprehensive, easy-to-use IoT solutions for monitoring air quality. The startup designs, develops, and manufactures smart connected systems combined with web services to provide universal access to data and make them easier to manage, analyze, and integrate.

Embodme develops revolutionary sensor technologies for 3D finger tracking and contactless interaction. Bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, their technologies enhance natural interaction between man and machine. Embodme develops tangible and contactless user interfaces using patented pressure sensors, computer vision, machine learning, and advanced signal processing algorithms.

i-Virtual develops tools to improve access to the healthcare system by transforming available connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers into medical devices. The startup's first product, Caducy, improves remote patient monitoring by measuring physiological variables (including pulse and respiratory rates, heart rate variability, stress, and soon, pulse oxygen saturation, blood pressure and a range of other factors) simply by taking a video selfie.

The METAV.RS solution facilitates the creation of NFTs and their sale via websites, e-stores, and marketplaces, and enhances the customer experience. The codeless platform provides brands and agencies with a series of integrated apps to help them, among other things, to manage their own virtual worlds, or "miniverses". Accessing the apps via a web browser, users can find out more about brands through an immersive experience, interact with the brand universe, and purchase non-fungible goods in virtual fitting rooms.

Music Care is the first digital therapy to be approved by more than 150 scientific studies that reduces pain and anxiety by more than 50% through clinically designed musical composition algorithms. It is the first digital therapy (DTx) using music as a medicine to relieve pain without side effects. It has been the subject of nearly 50 clinical studies.

Oui Smart develops high-tech products to simplify the daily lives of users. Lenso is the brand of compact Android HD projectors. Muggo is the brand of temperature-controlled kitchenware, from mugs to bottles. Moovy is the brand for connecting mobile devices with unrivaled power and functionality. Massforce has a range of innovative tools for athletes looking to manage their own muscle therapy and recovery process.

WeWard is a free mobile app that already motivates more than 10 million people to walk every day. Thanks to a fun and social reward system, WeWard increases walking time by 24% on average, thereby addressing global problems such as sedentary lifestyles and pollution.

The Wisear neural interface ushers in a new generation of man-machine interface, bringing users voice-free and hands-free controls on their XR headphones and headsets.

MS Systèmes / LMX Bikes: The LMX 56 is the most powerful French electric mountain bike on the market, designed both for the city and mountain adventures. The LMX 56 has a top speed of 45km/h and features an in-house designed and assembled engine block boasting peak power of 2,500W (patented drive chain). The powerful 1,000Wh battery provides riders with a range of 75km per charge. In a distinctive feature, riders can choose pedal assistance or handlebar acceleration or both. The LMX 56 falls under the European L1e-B category and is available in an offroad version (FIM competition).

Kaptreck : Kaptrek is the world's leading connected assistant for outdoor sports.

- Geolocation,

- Electronic safety beacon device,

- Sports monitoring,

- External communicator,

- Remote control for drones and GoPro.

Made in France and designed for all outdoor sports activities

The 6 more mature Business France startups:

Bystamp, founded in 2016, has developed a unique solution based on the Keymo digital stamp for digital signatures, electronic sealing and stamping on desktops, smartphones, and tablets without any additional fees or subscription.

BLabs works alongside its customers and partners, leveraging access to experts who accelerate innovation, from idea creation and prototyping through to upscaling. The BLabs innovation center provides access to a complete innovation pipeline for incubating and accelerating ideas.

Daan Tech designs, manufactures, and sells innovative devices to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Daan Tech's first product is Bob, the smallest and fastest autonomous dishwasher on the market.

The Y-Brush toothbrush cleans teeth automatically and effectively in one single go. Developed with dentists, it uses sonic vibrations and NylonMed technology, featuring 35,000 nylon filaments, flexible brushes, and standard sizes for adults and children.

Vivoka, founded in 2015, is a global leader in voice AI technologies. With its Voice Development Kit (VDK), Vivoka brings companies an all-in-one solution for creating their own efficient and secure onboard/offline voice assistant in record time. Vivoka has won several innovation awards and established top-flight partnerships with key players in the voice market. With a portfolio of over 100 customers from all major industries, Vivoka is pursuing its goal of bringing people closer to technology through voice. develops bot, voice and phone solutions and ranks as a leading player in conversation automation. The company helps organizations to improve real-time interaction with users by automatically processing requests 24/7 through virtual assistants. Thanks to, companies can transform call centers and interactive vocal servers with conversational and voice AI into virtual, hybrid and automated contact centers. assistants were designed to be multi-channel, with only one bot connected to all priority channels. The core business of comprises callbots, voicebots, and chatbots.

Composition of the panel of judges:

Olivier Ezratty, Innovation Consultant - Florent Garcia, Director of WAI by BNP Paribas - Raphael Vauthier, Business Development Manager, All Circuits - Virginie Afonso, Business Lawyer, INPI - Hervé Naudin, Startups and Open Innovation Advocate, Orange - Pascale Villet, Marketing Manager and Executive Administrator, Jade Fiducial - Patrick Sellem, Account Manager Startup and Ecosystem, Arrow Electronics -Eric Morand, Tech & Services Director, Business France - Farouk Hemraj, Founder and CEO, ChannelHub - Christelle Peyran, Head of Tech Department, Business France.