Flow Studio Takes Another Step Forward with CES 2024 Win

POHANG-SI, South Korea, Feb. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Flow Studio a prominent South Korean EduTech startup, secured global acclaim by winning the coveted Best Innovation Award at CES 2024. Among the 4,000 participating companies, Flow Studio emerged as one of the 35 honored with this prestigious recognition, marking a significant milestone.

Flow Studio Science Experiment Items

Flow Studio's journey began with success in the 2021 Living Invention Korea Idea Contest, where their 'Flow Lab' experimental apparatus and 'Grafting' idea garnered acclaim. The company swiftly evolved, transitioning from a sole proprietorship to a certified venture corporation in 2022. This transition paved the way for the launch of 'Flow Science Lab,' a venture targeting both domestic and international science museums and intelligent science laboratories.

Central to Flow Studio's offerings is the 'Grafting' web service, designed to simplify scientific experiments for students. Covering project management, experimental design, result analysis, and scientific report writing, 'Grafting' has become a valuable tool in the education sector. Integrated with 'Flow Science Lab,' the service employs an eco-friendly PLA filament production method and open-source coding, earning multiple awards and undergoing the process of filing international patents.

Jeong Aayon, CEO of Flow Studio, envisions 'Grafting' as a global catalyst for disseminating and sharing scientific experiment results among students. The company aims to create an environment where youth worldwide can easily access and engage in science, irrespective of their economic situation. This commitment to accessibility and inclusivity was acknowledged in 2023 when the product received the Excellent Science Culture Content designation from the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity.

'Flow Science Lab' aligns with key scientific theories in the Korean primary, middle, and high school science curriculum, allowing students to experimentally prove hypotheses from the 18th and 19th centuries. The 3D CAD-designed data collection device, integral to their offerings, is open-sourced and can be 3D printed in various educational settings, emphasizing accessibility and global collaboration.

Flow Studio places a strong emphasis on Arduino-based activities, ensuring affordable scientific opportunities for children worldwide. The Instagram account (Arduinoartist) provides insights into the CEO's inspiration behind Arduino-based experiments and interactive artworks, contributing to the mission of making science education inclusive and accessible to all.

In summary, Flow Studio's journey is marked by significant achievements, innovative products, and a commitment to global collaboration and inclusive science education, solidifying its position as a leader in the EduTech landscape.

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