CES 2024 and MYS Order form 

Exhibitor Press Release Distribution and Enhanced Exhibitor Listings from PR Newswire and Map Your Show! 

If you are exhibiting at CES 2024, you have product information to share! PR Newswire — the official news distribution and online press room host for CES 2024 – makes it easy to share your news with the media covering CES as well as buyers and consumers.  

With Cision PR Newswire, exhibitors can access a network of 4000+ websites, nearly 3000 media outlets and 550 news content systems — all for an economical price. Map Your Show also offers enhanced exhibitor directory listings to showcase your product information and, with a PR Newswire release purchase, can be featured on the official CES Exhibitor News page -- the place the media are directed to find CES exhibitor news.  

By using our services you can: 

  • Drive Brand Awareness - Expand your digital footprints beyond your owned channels by tapping our global distribution network. It includes more than 4,000 websites with big names that attract a large viewership. 

  • Generate Earned Media — Cision PR Newswire delivers to hundreds of editorial systems and newsrooms of major media organizations and the official CES Exhibitor News page, increasing your chances for earned media. 

  • Reach Targeted Audiences PR Newswire codes your release for appropriate industries to ensure it is delivered to appropriate trade magazines and journalists.  You can also reach CES media, buyers and consumers via the official CES Exhibitor News page since it is publicly available and promoted on the CES website and onsite press room.  

  • Evaluate Your Results — Get actionable insights with Visibility Reports’ performance and audience engagement data. 

All services include access to strategic counseling to ensure you receive the best results. To purchase a PR Newswire release login to your CES exhibitor portal and click on “PR Newswire” to purchase and upload your release, or contact cesdirectory@mapyourshow.com.  

Guaranteed Paid Placement Custom Campaigns 

Looking to get your CES news seen by audiences on Reuters, Guiding Tech, Macworld, TIME, and more? Through PR Newswire’s exclusive partnership with Nativo, there is now an affordable way to use paid advertising to receive guaranteed impressions, drive traffic to your content and reach your desired audiences where they are online.  Nativo’s native article format allows your CES content to appear directly on premium publisher websites in your industry target. With Guaranteed Paid Placement Custom Campaigns you can:  

  • Build trust and credibility for your brand 
    Your brand can leverage the credibility of publications your customers trust by advertising your editorial content on sites your customers are already visiting. The seamless format of native advertising allows you to reach your audiences in a format they prefer, which increases engagement with your brand's content. 
  • Increase engagement and viewership of your news 
    Guaranteed Paid Placement enables you to distribute your message and expand your audience reach effectively. A perfect complement to your earned and multi-channel media efforts, native advertising can further your impact, increasing impressions and measurable ROI. 
  • Receive Guaranteed Impressions  
    You pitch your news to the media, but there is no guarantee they’ll do anything with it. Since guaranteed paid placement utilizes paid advertising, your content will appear on premium publications, receive a guaranteed number of impressions and will unveil ROI metrics like average time on content, CTR, engaged views and more.  

To learn more about guaranteed paid placement custom campaigns, contact your PR Newswire account manager or email cisionactivation@cision.com