SUMSEI Triumphs at CES 2024, Solidifying Its Position as a Premier Home Appliance Brand Redefining the Intersection of Nature and Technology
  • Sensory Engagement: An Immersive Experiential Booth Articulating the Brand Philosophy of 'Nature, Anytime Anywhere'
  • Earning High Acclaim and Positive Reception for 'Air Shower,' a Pioneering Product in a New Category, and 'In the Forest'

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- SUMSEI, the premium lifestyle brand led by CEO Chang-Hyeok Lee, proudly announces the successful summit of its exhibition at CES 2024, the world's largest consumer electronics fair, hosted in Las Vegas, US, from January 9-12, 2024.

Visitors to CES experienced products at the SUMSEI booth, and a towering tree above the booth caught their attention.

Positioned in Tech West Hall within Venetian Expo Hall, the SUMSEI exhibition booth emerged as a focal point, drawing in nearly 3,000 industry attendees. This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to the success of a company making its inaugural appearance at CES.

At the heart of the booth's charm lies its unique design, strategically crafted to capture the attention of both local media and industry attendees. Going beyond the conventional product showcase, SUMSEI aimed to provide an one-of-a-kind immersive experience that not only highlighted its range of offerings but also encapsulated the essence of the SUMSEI brand and philosophy.

Breaking away from conventional branding methods like hanging banners and backdrops, SUMSEI presented an unparalleled approach. The integration of a towering 6-meter tree, gracefully positioned above the booth, served as a captivating focal point. This innovative design choice not only set SUMSEI apart but also effectively captured the interest and imagination of all visitors.

After immersing themselves in the SUMSEI exhibit barefoot, industry attendees expressed a distinctive sense of contentment as they resumed wearing their footwear.

As industry attendees entered the booth, they were greeted by an introductory video showcasing 'SUMSEI Terrarium,' an experiential exhibition designed for a barefoot encounter. Willingly partaking in the immersive experience, visitors removed their footwear to engage with the simulated environments of SUMSEI's Cave, Sea, and Forest booths - each detailedly crafted to mirror the natural inspiration behind the product planning phase. Smiles reminiscent of childhood joy adorned the faces of the visitors, who expressed satisfaction with SUMSEI's overarching message of 'Nature Anytime, Anywhere.'

Following the barefoot encounter, visitors delved into a hands and "feet-on" exploration of SUMSEI's product showcase. Especially noteworthy was the enthusiastic response to 'Air Shower,' a groundbreaking body dryer that marks the introduction of a new product category. The product garnered positive evaluations for its innovative design and its convenient usability, marking a standout moment in the overall exhibition experience.

The reception to 'In the Forest,' an oxygen concentrator slated for release later this year, was notably positive among industry attendees. Aligning with the brand's overarching message of 'Nature, Anytime Anywhere,' this innovative product delivers fresh oxygen with a concentration of at least 90%, creating an environment akin to the serenity of a forest. The enthusiastic response to this offering further elevated expectations for SUMSEI's future ventures.

Embarking on its global market journey starting with this year's CES, SUMSEI aims to accelerate its international expansion. Uplifted by the favorable reception at CES, the company plans to establish a robust presence in global markets.

"At CES, we found reassurance that SUMSEI's philosophy of leveraging technology to embody nature resonates globally. Building on this, we are committed to amplifying our efforts to cultivate overseas customer relationships," stated SUMSEI CEO Chang-Hyeok Lee.

In a mere two years since its launch, Air Shower, SUMSEI's flagship product, has earned acclaim for its outstanding product quality, finding installations at esteemed landmark hotels in South Korea such as Signiel Seoul and Grand Walkerhill Seoul. Operating as an immersive spatial project, SUMSEI Terrarium stands out as Korea's pioneering barefoot experiential exhibition, artfully crafted to engage all five senses with nature gradually. This immersive venture has garnered widespread popularity, boasting a cumulative visitor count of 140,000 since its initial opening.


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