UFC Fighters, 'The Ferocious' and 'The Machine' joins Flash Motors as Brand Ambassadors

The collaboration with Charalampos Grigoriou and Merab Dvalishvili exemplifies a synergy between innovation, strength, and a shared passion for cutting-edge technology

PAPHOS, Cyprus, Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- At the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the UFC fighters Charalampos Grigoriou, known as 'The Ferocious'  and Merab Dvalishvili, known as "The Machine," were acting as ambassadors and showcasing the electric hyper scooter, the Infinity X of  Flash Motors Corporation (Flm), rising prominence in the U.S.

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Imagine possessing a device capable of powering your vehicle. This was the breakthrough showcased by Flash Motors controllers during the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The spotlight was on its electric hyper scooter, the Infinity X, which seemingly matches the speed of a moving car on the freeway.

However, the true innovation lay in the company's three advanced controller devices: Nano Elite X3K, Nano Elite X5K, and Nano Elite X28K. Flash Motors's controllers are revolutionary and pushing the boundaries of technology.

UFC fighter Charalampos Grigoriou, known as "The Ferocious," emphasized the significance of Flash Motors' controllers, stating, "The very important thing about Flash Motors is the controllers. You can install it everywhere in any vehicle. The tech hydraulic gives you double power." Grigoriou highlighted the uniqueness of Flash Motors in providing something special and unprecedented in the industry.

Reflecting the company's ethos, Flash Motors President Toby Olshanetsky said, "Those fighters are innovative. They are young fighters, very strong, exactly the DNA of Flash Motors. This is why we see a very strong combination between CES, Flash Motors, and UFC."

Grigoriou and Dvalishvili described their partnership with Flash Motors as harmonious. Grigoriou highlighted Flash Motors as his main sponsor, expressing his intention to incorporate their scooters into his lifestyle. Dvalishvili endorsed Flash Motors scooters as the best for having fun.

As Flash Motors continues to redefine the hyper scooter landscape, the collaboration with UFC fighters exemplifies a synergy between innovation, strength, and a shared passion for cutting-edge technology.

Both Grigoriou and Flash Motors share a commonality as the sole representatives of Cyprus in their respective fields. Grigoriou, who moved from Paphos to New York City seven years ago, earned his spot in the UFC through the Dana White Contender Series in 2022, stunning viewers with a quick knockout.

In an interview with Flash Motors, Grigoriou expressed excitement about his upcoming UFC fight on March 16th in Las Vegas, highlighting his pride in representing Cyprus.

Dvalishvili, sponsored by Flash Motors, holds the No. 1 contender spot in his weight division from Georgia. UFC fighter Conor McGregor praised "The Machine" on Twitter in 2022, acknowledging the talent emerging from Georgia.Dvalishvili, who signed with UFC six years ago, shared his journey from Judo to MMA, realizing his dream of fighting for the UFC in 2017. He currently holds a 9-5-3 streak and is set to face former champion Henry Cejudo on February 17th.

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