GIGABYTE Leads the Future of Computing at CES 2024: Unveil AI Gaming Laptops, RTX 40 SUPER Graphics Cards, and OLED Monitors

TAIPEI, Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- GIGABYTE, the world's leading computer brand, takes the spotlight at CES 2024 by spearheading the Gen AI wave with a trifecta of groundbreaking innovations — the highly anticipated AI Gaming Laptops, the potent RTX 40 SUPER Series graphics cards, and the World's First DP2.1 UHBR20 OLED gaming monitor.

GIGABYTE AI Gaming Laptops Re:defyne AI experience

GIGABYTE proudly presents the AORUS 16X and GIGABYTE G6X, the crown jewels of its AI Gaming Laptop lineup at CES 2024. These laptops offer extended battery life and up to 20 times faster performance for generative AI workloads by adopting NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 40 series Laptop GPUs. Featuring 16-inch displays in a 16:10 aspect ratio and powered by the upgraded WINDFORCE Cooling, these laptops set new standards in performance. The AORUS series exclusive AI Nexus technology further elevates the user experience with AI Power Gear, AI Boost, and AI Generator utilities. This groundbreaking lineup also includes the AORUS 17 and AORUS 15 powered by the latest Intel Core Ultra processor, marking a significant leap forward in GIGABYTE's AI Gaming Laptop portfolio.

GIGABYTE RTX 40 SUPER Series Graphics Cards Advance AI Performance

GIGABYTE unveils the RTX 40 SUPER Series graphics cards—RTX 4080 SUPER, RTX 4070 Ti SUPER, and RTX 4070 SUPER, totaling 14 variants. Featuring increased core counts, expanded VRAM, and faster memory speeds on different variants, GIGABYTE RTX 40 SUPER graphics cards are designed for a substantial AI performance boost. The WINDFORCE Cooling system ensures optimal operation during intense gaming, featuring alternate spinning fans, composite heat-pipe, 3D active fan, and Screen Cooling. The premium AORUS MASTER variant introduces the WINDFORCE Bionic shark fan for enhanced cooling performance and LCD Edge View for real-time stats and customizable options.

GIGABYTE OLED Monitor Lineup Debuts with the World's First DP2.1 UHBR20 Connectivity

As a captivating addition to GIGABYTE's CES 2024 showcase, the company unveils a tantalizing preview of its OLED monitor lineup. The star of the show is the World's First DP2.1 UHBR20 gaming monitor, promising an unprecedented gaming experience with an impressive 80 Gbps bandwidth without Display Stream Compression (DSC). With a new Tactical Switch to change viewing area for FPS-optimal resolution and AI-driven solutions for OLED burn-in protection, this OLED lineup offers a glimpse into the future of gaming monitors.

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