SUMSEI Develops New Future of Wellness with Body Dryer "Air Shower" at CES 2024

- Air Shower, a product in the new category, has garnered significant interest from local media and industry attendees.
- Commencing the promotion for global entry into the wellness market, drawing insights from the experience gained at CES.

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- South Korea's premium lifestyle brand SUMSEI (CEO: Chang-Hyeok Lee) presented a groundbreaking wellness blueprint with their innovative "Air Shower," a small home appliance body dryer, at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 - the world's largest consumer technology and electronics trade show. Pioneering a new category in South Korea's home appliance market, this body dryer now extends its impact globally, showcased at CES.

Air Shower, a body dryer integrated into a step-on platform, swiftly and efficiently dries the body after a shower by harnessing powerful wind. The comforting and familiar breeze, Reminiscence of Air, can be adjusted to either cool or warm mode. Offering comfort and convenience distinct from traditional towels, this product has significantly enhanced people's quality of life. Within just two years of its launch, Air Shower has gained high acclaim for its exceptional product quality, earning installations at prestigious landmark hotels in South Korea, including Signiel Seoul and Grand Walkerhill Seoul.

In the final quarter of 2023, SUMSEI exclusively launched Air Shower on Amazon, marking its entry into the US market. SUMSEI embarked on a full-fledged global market entry for Air Shower as demand surged overseas from international customers who had experienced the product in South Korea. As the initial phase, SUMSEI unveiled an independent 74 m2 booth at CES 2024, concentrating on providing visitors with a comprehensive experience of SUMSEI's brand philosophy, with a focal point on the company's flagship product, Air Shower.

The immersive booth design, inspired by nature during the product planning stage, embodied three distinct spaces: the 'Cave,' creating an environment where vision is obscured to fully appreciate the irregular light emitted by Silver Lining Warmer, a candle warmer; the 'Sea,' immersing visitors in a realistic video experience of a sandy beach and the sea, representing the motifs of Air Shower; and lastly the 'Forest,' featuring a lifelike 6-meter-high tree installation that served as the theme for the oxygen concentrator 'In the Forest.'

From the inaugural day of CES 2024, SUMSEI's immersive booth drew a bustling crowd of industry leaders and exhibit attendees. Functioning as an experiential space, visitors were seamlessly guided through its entrance. The booth garnered immense popularity, with a new visitor entering through the booth every 30 seconds. Despite Air Shower being an unprecedented product in a novel category, CES exhibit attendees eagerly embraced the opportunity to experience it without hesitation.

At the entrance of the immersive booth, following the introductory video for SUMSEI Terrarium in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, visitors willingly removed their shoes and socks upon entering, displaying eagerness to immerse themselves intimately in the experience. SUMSEI Terrarium marks Korea's pioneering barefoot experiential exhibition, intricately designed to gradually envelop visitors in a sensory journey through nature.

"In the coming years, advancements in technology will seamlessly integrate nature into our surroundings, offering an alternative to the traditional journey to experience it. Within the realm of small home appliances, we specialize in developing sensory-focused products, providing individuals the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of Mother Nature from the sanctuary of their homes," said SUMSEI CEO Chang-Hyeok Lee.

SUMSEI cultivates product and spatial initiatives to articulate the brand philosophy of 'Nature, Anytime Anywhere.' Recognized as a renowned cultural hub in Seoul's Seongsu-dong district, a focal point for culture, art, and fashion embraced not only by Korea's Generation Z but also by international tourists, SUMSEI Terrarium, operating as a spatial project, has welcomed over 140,000 visitors since its initial unveiling.


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