Pioneering the Future: TAL Education Group's Impactful Debut at CES 2024

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- TAL Education Group, a renowned force in the Chinese education sector, made an impactful debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas, establishing its aim to revolutionize the global education technology landscape through innovation. As a testament to its commitment, TAL successfully showcased pioneering education technology products and unveiled strategic collaborations with industry leaders at the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition.

Visitors to TAL's booth at CES 2024 had the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in an interactive exploration of Chinese culture. Through experiential innovations, attendees witnessed TAL Education Group's cutting-edge technologies, including the two flagship products - Mobby Kids' Learning Pad and Xueersi xPad Flagship Model, that enabled independent hands-on learning experiences, showcasing the convergence of Chinese cultural elements with advanced education technology. This immersive experience allowed audiences to witness firsthand the future of education, and gain insights into TAL's vision in reshaping the landscape of home learning and early education enlightenment through technology.

Mobby Kids' Learning Pad is sought after for its pioneering approach in its commitment to early education enlightenment. The Source Tracing Learning Method receives many media accolades for its effective guidance, fostering deep comprehension and critical thinking skills. On the other hand, TAL's Xueersi xPad Flagship Model was vastly commended for revolutionizing personalized education through Artificial Intelligence. The tablet's integration of Intelligent Guided Learning through proprietary MathGPT Education LLM receives high praise from Tech enthusiasts, emphasizing its precision in addressing individual learning gaps. Recognizes the tablet's comprehensive parental controls, preloaded content, and interactive features.

In a captivating Mainstream Media interview, Dr. Alex Peng, President and CFO of TAL Education Group, articulated the company's strategic integration of Artificial Intelligence into educational products, showcasing a commitment to reshaping the global education landscape. Expressing optimism about the future of education, Dr. Peng envisioned Artificial Intelligence as a prevalent tool for early education, embodying TAL's commitment to promoting lifelong growth through innovative technologies.

Highlighted collaborative endeavors, including device gifting ceremonies with TCL and Microsoft. The events underscored TAL's plans to foster global collaborations to push the boundaries of educational technology. TAL Education Group and TCL unveiled the integration of TCL Huaxing's cutting-edge "Future Paper" screen into TAL's Xueersi xPad Flagship Model, showcasing the powerful fusion of "Intelligence Made in China".

TAL Education Group has also received the CES Picks Awards 2024 from TWICE Publication in recognition of its innovative Mobby Kids' Learning Pad. This prestigious accolade underscores TAL Education Group's vision of transformative EdTech solutions.

About TAL Education Group:

TAL Education Group is a leading education content R&D and technology enterprise in China, dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of educational services. TAL's mission is to empower life-long growth with love and technology.

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