Transform Homes, Rejuvenate Lives: SKYWORTH Lifestyle TV Takes Center Stage at CES

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- As the esteemed "Choice of 400 Million Families," SKYWORTH, a pioneering brand in technological home appliances, dazzles CES 2024 with its cutting-edge innovations. With over 30 years of technological leadership and unwavering quality, SKYWORTH continues to prioritize user experience in its products.

This year, CES witnessed the grand unveiling of SKYWORTH's much-anticipated Lifestyle series, a comprehensive product line that promises to redefine how people experience technology in our daily lives. Among the stellar lineup are the Clarus Full Sun Outdoor TV, Partial Sun Outdoor Display, Canvas Art Display, and the Companion Portable Display, offering an exquisite blend of form and function tailored to diverse lifestyles.

SKYWORTH  Lifestyle series TV: Clarus Full Sun Outdoor TV, Canvas Art Display, and the Companion Portable Display, offering an exquisite blend of form and function tailored to diverse lifestyles.

The Canvas Art Display stands out with its seamless all-in-one design, simplifying installation by eliminating the need for external boxes. Engage in the mesmerizing Art Mode, transforming your space with an ever-changing display of art. With its ultra-thin profile, flush wall mounting capability, and matte anti-glare screen, the Canvas Art Display transcends the ordinary, seamlessly integrating technology with the art of living.

For outdoor enthusiasts, SKYWORTH presents premium solutions in the form of the Clarus Full Sun Outdoor TV and Partial Sun Outdoor Display. Both products boast IP ratings to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments, coupled with anti-reflective screens for unparalleled clarity even in sunlight. The included 100W soundbar completes the sensory experience, turning your outdoor space into a cinematic oasis.

Breaking free from conventional entertainment setups, the SKYWORTH Portable Display emerges as a true game-changer, seamlessly blending convenience with stunning visuals. With an impressive 3+ hour battery life, this portable marvel ensures uninterrupted movie enjoyment during outdoor escapades. Whether you find yourself at home or on the move, in the living room or under the stars, the Companion Portable Display remains your versatile and reliable entertainment companion, enhancing your viewing experiences wherever life takes you.

SKYWORTH's Lifestyle series transcends the boundaries of conventional home and outdoor entertainment, skillfully marrying cutting-edge technology with sophisticated design. From the indoor elegance of the Canvas Art Display to the adventurous Companion Portable Display, the SKYWORTH Lifestyle series isn't just a product launch – it's a cultural statement, a testament to enhancing, enriching, and brightening life in ways previously unimagined.


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