RingConn Smart Ring Impresses at CES 2024: Unveiling Plans on Features and Medical Algorithms Updates that Redefine Personal Health Management

Boasting 24/7 health monitoring with superior comfort and accuracy, the smart ring underlies RingConn's commitment to advancing the intersection of healthcare and technology

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- RingConn, a leading personal health technology company, left an indelible mark with its beta presentation and received enthusiastic response from attendees at CES 2024. The brand unveiled a comprehensive plan for the upcoming year, emphasizing product development and advanced medical algorithm updates.

The RingConn booth in LVCC North Hall was a buzz of activity, drawing attention from 100+ top-tier media outlets and influencers. This acclaim was paralleled by the interest of the diverse CES audience, many of whom were introduced to the ring, gaining insights into the brand's ambitious vision and discovering the profound impact of its technology on personal health management. The event marked a resounding success, with the revolutionary product capturing attention and receiving acclaim from media representatives, industry analysts, distributors, and consumers.

RingConn's CES Debut Gaining Massive Attention

The CES 2024 exhibition represents a significant milestone for RingConn. Its innovative product garnered the attention of journalists of international top-tier media as well as influencers. Already experienced with a wide array of technology innovations, they were deeply impressed by the ring's form factor, long battery life, and exceptional tracking capabilities. They were amazed to see how RingConn managed to pack advanced sensors into such a small ring, weighing only 3 to 5 grams.

The ring has also attracted distributors from across the globe who recognized the RingConn Smart Ring as a mature form of health tracker and showed strong interest in forming partnerships.

Some of the visitors are one of the RingConn users community, who were once users of smartwatches. For them, the RingConn Smart Ring marks a refreshing approach to health tracking. Compared with wrist-worn devices, it is a much more discreet and lightweight wearable that seamlessly integrates into their everyday lives. Thanks to the 7-day battery life, they no longer need to leave the ring on the charging pad every night.

"The warm support and acclaim we received at CES 2024 are undoubtedly a confidence booster for the team," said Dr. Tony Wu, co-founder of RingConn. "At RingConn, we are not merely providing solutions for personal health management; we are creating the means for users to proactively improve their well-being."

Premium Health Features Rolling Out in 2024

At CES, RingConn shared its latest progress in the development of new features, including menstrual cycle tracking and OSAHS (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome) monitoring. These two premium features are designed for users with specific needs and are expected to launch for beta testing in Q1 and Q2 of 2024.

Currently, RingConn has already submitted FDA clearance for the ring's pulse oximeter and OSAHS monitoring feature. Therefore, users who suffer from sleep apnea can take preemptive measures before the situation deteriorates. RingConn expects to receive these two FDA clearances by the end of this year. RingConn will establish the ring as a trustworthy device for consumers and even medical professionals. In addition, the team has achieved significant advancements in cuffless blood pressure monitoring, with this feature set to be released in the upcoming year.

Since its global debut, RingConn has provided tailored, professional health services for tens of thousands of users within a year, who have spoken highly of the ring's comprehensive tracking capabilities and the user-friendly accompanying app. Looking ahead, RingConn aims to provide refined solutions to health management through constant hardware and software updates.


About RingConn

Established in 2021, RingConn is a leading personal health technology company dedicated to creating innovative products and services that transform the experience of maintaining personal wellness. Guided by the principle of "Hardware + Software + Services," RingConn aims to become the driver of proactive health management and empower users worldwide by offering a comprehensive and holistic understanding of their well-being.

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