Car window AND TV? Marveling at China's cutting-edge technology at CES!

BEIJING, Jan. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report by on China's cutting-edge technology at CES 2024:

Here it comes, the annual extravaganza for global tech companies!

Several days ago, the world's largest exhibition for electronic marvels — the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), kicked off in Las Vegas. Tech giants all brought their "A-game" to the event, unfurling distinguished innovations. Among them, there are some attention-garnering technologies and products by Chinese companies, like the vehicle using laser projection display, the world's very first Mini LED TV with over 40,000 backlight zones, and the robot that carries extensile 600W solar panels, some of which won the CES 2024 Innovation Awards.

However, things were poles apart over a dozen years back: Barely any big names in the global consumer electronics industry were from China. Now, among the five brands accounting for the most shipments in smart phones and televisions, three are from the Chinese mainland. Many consumer electronics were also debuted by Chinese companies, like the first foldable Laser TV, the first rollable Laser TV, the first 8K Sonic Laser TV, and the first 5G laptop. Both the production and sales volume of China's consumer electronics rank top worldwide. Within a dozen years or so, consumer electronics are already a calling card for "Made in China."

How was that possible?

Technological innovation is naturally the main driver behind all this. In recent years, China has been supporting the research and development (R&D) of core technologies in various industries. New technologies such as 5G, big data and artificial intelligence gradually matured, serving as a pillar for the advancement of the consumer electronics industry. Guided by China's national strategies, Chinese enterprises have ramped up R&D investment. For example, laser display technology as a strategic technology has been a key area for development. Chinese companies have kept breaking through in that field, with over 7,000 patents acquired, which foreruns the game. Among these companies, Hisense has been a major driver of the industry chain. It has innovatively debuted the ultra-short throw Laser TV, and driven the TV's iteration from 4K to 8K, and from monochrome laser to TriChroma laser. Moreover, Hisense has also been leading the trend in foldable Laser TVs and rollable Laser TVs.

Secondly, China owns a larger consumer market, while the consumers' lifestyles differentiate from one another. Such a diverse consumer pool inspires local companies to lay more importance on the suitability of products in various scenarios. This is an important reason for the meteoric rise of Chinese consumer electronic brands. For example, traditional extra-large screen TVs were often too big to move into people's homes through doors, and there were even cases when people had to remove windows and use cranes just to put them in. To solve such problems, Hisense applied a "foldable" technology on large-screen TVs, inventing the first 120'' foldable Laser TV, whose frame is foldable and screen is rollable; such designs can shorten the journey from entering household doors to adjustment and installment to just 40 minutes. Furthermore, at this year's CES, we witnessed how the laser display technologies pushed the envelope and provided a holographic experience via the vehicle using laser projection display, enabling the TV display technologies to step out of living rooms and make their way into more diverse scenarios.

Consumer electronics is just an epitome of how China is advancing its manufacturing towards middle and high-end.

A CES exhibitor once told the press that nowadays, when global buyers know that the products are made in China or designed in China, they find it fairly reasonable, sometimes even regarding it as an advantage. "Made in China" has been innovating in terms of technologies and application scenarios, and it is precisely this innovation that enables Chinese companies and products to perform better on the global stage. In turn, they have become an important force in catalyzing global economic development and technological progress.

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Car window AND TV? Marveling at China's cutting-edge technology at CES!


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