AAC Showcases Seven Integrated Solutions at CES 2024, Accelerating AI for a Digital World

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- AAC, a leader in sensory experiences, participated in CES 2024, the world's largest consumer electronics and technology show. In the era of AI, AAC showcased its integrated solutions across seven domains – intelligent automotive, acoustics, haptic feedback, XR, optics, precision manufacturing, and sensors & semiconductors. These solutions aim to accelerate AI's role in shaping the future of the digital world.

In the acoustics and haptics world, AAC presented Opera, a coaxial speaker designed for smartphones, along with the related algorithms. The coaxial speaker integrates a woofer and a tweeter on one speaker module, with each driver playing to its strengths. This combination achieves an extended high-frequency range of 8kHz to 20kHz and provides a low-frequency boost of 5dB. The design ensures a seamless frequency response, miniaturized application of Hi-Fi technology, and enhanced mobile audio experiences. Additionally, AAC's foldable screen acoustic solution not only provides users with optimal stereo sound in any usage form but also incorporates the sound anti-leakage feature. The feature is currently implemented in the OPPO Find N3 for mass production. Beyond smartphones, AAC exhibited acoustic solutions for tablets and laptops, featuring a 6 speakers system for frequency division between high and low tones, faithfully reproducing sounds and delivering an exceptional high-end product experience. As a leader in acoustics and haptics, AAC innovatively introduced the latest combo solution, combining master-level acoustic technology with X-axis linear actuators. This aims to popularize higher-quality haptic feedback and acoustic experiences among more consumer. The combo solution is currently implemented in the Redmi Note13 Pro+ for mass production, with several other products to be unveiled this year. In the realm of haptics, AAC presented the latest-generation actuator, CSA+0916 Turbo, pushing the limits of tactile experiences on smartphones. This actuator is already in mass production on the OnePlus 12. Additionally, AAC showcased the RichTap® Creator toolkit, a hardware-software integrated solution that provides complete design and display tools for haptic effects on desktop and mobile platforms. Beyond smartphones, AAC has also offered haptic solutions designed for gaming controllers and handhelds.

AAC acoustics solution


AAC haptics solution

In the realm of intelligent vehicles, the booth of PSS (a provider of car audio system solutions), showcased a car-specific ultra-slim speaker, the USS 3060. This speaker, with a size significantly smaller than traditional speakers, breaks through physical layout limitations, being able to easily fit into tight spaces such as headrests, dashboard corners, A/B/C pillars, and roof linings. It achieves a compact size, powerful output, and excellent sound quality. Additionally, AAC introduced the vibration-free woofer, the VFW 160, which utilizes a balanced dual-coil design to achieve self-cancellation of vibrations, minimizing door resonance and sound leakage. It maximizes the reduction of adverse effects on vehicle NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) when reproducing low-frequency sounds. Combined with AAC's meticulous tuning and signal processing, it achieves optimal performance when synchronized with rear subwoofers, creating a more immersive and powerful low-frequency sound field. At the PSS booth, AAC's amplifier products were also showcased, including the newly developed 20-channel amplifier. This amplifier features a lightweight design, powerful heat dissipation, and rapid response. With superior performance indicators, it can achieve a maximum of 2000MIP. Additionally, it supports multiple sound algorithms, effectively elevating the car audio experience. Beyond automotive acoustics, AAC's smart automotive super-sensory solution covers modules such as haptics, image capture systems, MEMS sensory systems, and motor execution systems. An automotive haptic button bar and automotive microphone were also highlighted at the exhibition. AAC has successfully secured multiple designated projects with traditional automakers, smart electric vehicle brands, and global mid-range and high-end automotive brands. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of some of these projects – there's more to come.

In the realm of XR, AAC brought a high-quality 3P Pancake demo, an AR glasses demo in collaboration with Dispelix (a fabless manufacturer of waveguides), and an audio glasses demo. Among them, the 3P Pancake demo includes a 1.35-inch Micro-OLED monocular 4K display, and it can achieve high-definition visuals while maintaining superior edge MTF (modulation transfer function), wide FOV, short TTL, and other advantages. The prototype AR glasses developed in collaboration with Dispelix will soon be mass produced. The grating fabrication achieves high precision, with an MTF reaching 40%@16 lp/deg. AAC also introduced an integrated XR acoustic solution for exclusive acoustic devices, acoustic structural design, sound algorithms, and sound tuning. This solution aims to deliver consumers an immersive experience akin to being in a realistic sound environment. The audio glasses adopt the near field acoustic bidirectional solution and provide a private sound experience. AAC also offers comprehensive services to OEMs, such as industrial design, human-factors engineering, structural design, system solutions, software design, and product FATP.

In the realm of optics, AAC exhibited WLG aspheric prisms, a 4-inch 152-cavity WLG wafer, as well as optical actuators and module solutions. At present, AAC's business covers the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of optical lenses, lenses, modules and other optical components. AAC Optics has solidified its position as an industry frontrunner with its self-developed WLG hybrid lenses. These lenses excel in crucial parameters, including refractive index, dispersion, reliability, and thermal stability. They have been commercially mass produced in a diverse range of products, such as Xiaomi's Civi 3 and MIX Fold 3, as well as Transsion's TECNO CAMON 20 Premier. What's even more impressive is that lenses with six or more plastic elements have also been successfully commercialized on a large scale.

In the realm of precision manufacturing, AAC exhibited technical solutions and demos such as hinges for foldable phones and LHP VC cooling technology. AAC has amassed years of expertise and technological prowess, particularly in mechanics for consumer electronics, cooling, hinges for foldable phones, antennas, and wireless charging. AAC stands out as one of the top companies in the industry in these specific areas. The Xiaomi 13 Ultra features the groundbreaking LHP VC cooling technology. AAC, as the exclusive supplier, played a pivotal role in the development of this technology and provided essential support for its application. This technology is three times more effective in heat dissipation than the industry's traditional vapor chamber.

In the realm of sensor and semiconductor, AAC exhibited low-power digital microphones, smart microphones, automotive microphones and high-performance microphones. A creative Microphone & Barometer Combo, as well as an ultra-small MEMS speaker tweeter unit called SOPRANO, were also showcased. The low-power digital microphone, operating in high-performance mode, consumes only half the power of commonly available microphones on the current market with equivalent performance. It boasts excellent SNR and outstanding AOP performance, making it widely applicable in wearable devices such as those with TWS, smart glasses, and smartwatches. The Microphone & Barometer Combo integrates a microphone and barometer into an ultra-compact package. The combined design of the microphone and barometer apertures simplifies the system's protective design (dust-proof film, dust-proof mesh). Currently, the Microphone & Barometer Combo is primarily used in smartwatches to compensate for the accuracy limitations of GPS in altitude positioning. It is utilized for altitude measurement, indoor/outdoor multi-floor localization, and can provide an accuracy of up to 5cm. The ultra-compact MEMS speaker's high-frequency unit, SOPRANO, exhibits an exceptional high-frequency response. It is currently the market's only MEMS speaker solution that doesn't require PA (power amplifier) drive, contributing to solving the last-mile issue in TWS hi-res audio playback. It can be widely used in products like headphones, hearing aids, and smart glasses. AAC is making steady progress in high-end microphones, MEMS speakers, MEMS inertial measurements, and RF front-end devices. Its Microphone & Barometer Combo, along with its MEMS speakers, are housed in an ultra-small package with ultra-high performance specifications. These cutting-edge products are now widely used across diverse sectors.

AAC ultra-compact MEMS speaker's high-frequency unit, SOPRANO

Generative AI is one of the major trends in the entire consumer electronics industry. The key and cornerstone of constructing a digital world with AI lie in upgrading perceptual experiences at the audio-visual-tactile entry level. AAC, through its seven integrated solutions, is collaboratively working towards enhancing perceptual experiences for global consumers. In the future, AAC will continue to leverage its position as an industry leader, aiming to make visual, auditory, and tactile experiences in the AI-constructed digital world even more realistic and immersive.

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