Tuya Developer Day at CES 2024: Advanced Technologies to Develop Future Smart World

NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Tuya Smart ("Tuya" or the "Company") (NYSE: TUYA; HKEX: 2391), a global IoT developer service provider, took center stage at CES 2024 in Las Vegas by hosting "Tuya Developer Day." Aligning with the CES 2024 theme, "All Together, All On", Tuya presented under the theme "All Together, All On Smart", signifying the collaborative efforts with global developers to realize "smart coexistence", which refers to creating a seamlessly interconnected world.

At CES 2024, Tuya elevated its commitment with an official upgrade from "Tuya Day" to "Tuya Developer Day." This move reinforces Tuya's dedication to an open and neutral approach, further enabling developers to innovate and collaborate in shaping smart solutions that align with their vision.

Tuya Developer Day welcomed representatives from renowned organizations, institutions, and enterprises in smart real estate, lighting, consumer electronics, and telecommunications industries. Through discussions on leveraging IoT and AI technologies, Tuya facilitated a platform for global developers to explore business opportunities and capitalize on emerging market trends.

Eva Na, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Cooperation, and CMO of Tuya Smart, expressed enthusiasm during the welcoming speech, stating, "As an industry leader, Tuya has always firmly believed that IoT technology innovation requires the collective wisdom of thousands of developers. We look forward to collaborating with developers in using AI, IoT, and Cloud technologies to create a higher value business space and build a more friendly, greener, and smarter world."

Alex Yang, Co-Founder and COO of Tuya Smart, delivered a compelling opening speech themed "IoT for Sustainability and Beyond." He underscored the heightened significance of sustainable development in contemporary business operations, noting the widespread embrace of IoT as a pivotal innovation for achieving sustainable development goals within enterprises. Within this framework, Yang emphasized the ongoing commitment to exploring methodologies that facilitate the sustainable growth of enterprises. "By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Tuya meticulously analyzes equipment data to devise practical and viable smart solutions. Taking smart energy solutions as an example, it comprehensively covers the entire energy equipment ecosystem—from power generation and energy storage to distribution, electricity consumption, and metering. This holistic approach consistently generates green and low-carbon work and living environments for developers. Looking ahead, we will continue to dedicate to intensifying efforts in this realm, pledging to contribute enduring green and sustainable technological value on a global scale, not only build sustainability with IoT, but make IoT a sustainable investment, " said Yang.

The event featured leading brands and associations from around the world, including Aerogaz, Amazon, CALEX, Copilot.cx, Goqual, Grupo Construlita, INOX Smart, T3 Technology, and VTA+. The partner representatives spoke about cutting-edge topics such as innovation, and sustainable development opportunities in multiple smart industries, and shared joint Tuya case studies.

Keynote Speeches on Tuya Developer Day

Amazon: Build the Ambient Home together with Alexa

Customers have connected more than 400 million smart home devices to Alexa, and use Alexa hundreds of millions of times each week to control those devices. There are more than one million registered developers, brands, and device makers building conversational, natural, and proactive experiences with Alexa. Amazon offers a collection of tools, APIs, reference solutions, and documentation that make it easier for developers to build Alexa experiences for their customers.

"Thanks to Alexa, homes are significantly smarter than they were a decade ago when Amazon set out to realize our vision for ambient intelligence. Improving the setup process for our devices is a key area of focus for us. With Frustration-Free Setup, device setup with Alexa can be as easy as opening a box and powering on a device, which also includes Matter devices through Matter simple setup. We're excited to work with Tuya to bring Matter simple setup to their devices," said David Wurster, Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships of Alexa Smart Home.

CALEX: CALEX SMART HOME Sustainable Growth

Electro Cirkel Retail (CALEX) is a leading European brand that specializes in the lighting and smart home industry. As one of the first firms to introduce energy-efficient filament LED bulbs to Europe in 2014, CALEX distinguished itself with quality, innovation, logistics excellence, and speed-to-market.

"In the present, the home furnishing industry is in the midst of a transformative shift towards smart home integration, witnessing a profound escalation in the intelligence of home products. With over 50 years of sustainable innovation, CALEX proactively engages with the realm of smart homes, consistently crafting distinctive and innovative smart home products, and evolving the CALEX smart ecosystem by leveraging Tuya's smart solutions. This approach ensures that consumers have access to a broad spectrum of smart living scenarios, tailored to meet their diverse needs and enabling them to capitalize on emerging market opportunities," said Thomas Pharazijn, Smart Product Development Manager of CALEX.

Grupo Construlita: Creating Smart Buildings to Improve Profit and Productivity with Construlita Connect

Construlita is a leading brand in commercial lighting for a range of settings, including workplaces, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels. To meet customers' needs for lighting through knowledge, technology, and solutions that add value to lighting projects, it is constantly updating its solution portfolio with innovative technologies like IoT devices and smart platforms that are in line with global trends. This results in the creation of spaces full of captivating experiences that heighten end-users' sense through light.

"Our value proposition lies in the ability to adapt, connect, report and measure valuable information from the daily operation of commercial buildings. To better support our clients in their pursuit of sustainable development, we have developed Construlita Connect, which is supported by Tuya's SaaS Technology, comes as a simple and effective way to improve profit and at the same time create productivity and well-being for the people who inhabit buildings with our technology. By doing so, our clients can create automation focused on energy savings while having intuitive spaces and achieve productivity, resulting in reduced operating costs and the cultivation of green, low-carbon, and sustainable business environments," said Roberto Enríquez Gómez, Sales Manager IoT of Grupo Construlita.

Copilot.cx: Leveraging the Tuya Developer Ecosystem: Crafting Exceptional Mobile Applications for IoT Devices

Copilot.cx gives companies a critical advantage that increases overall customer satisfaction and builds Lifetime Value. It delivers on the promise of IoT by offering manufacturers the opportunity to automatically engage end users with meaningful, data-driven and behavior-based communications - Leading to improved onboarding, reduced product returns, better product rating and new revenue channels.

"For brand owners, cultivating user loyalty stands as a pivotal factor in sustaining revenue growth for companies. Through our collaboration with Tuya, we seamlessly integrate Copilot.cx's expertise in app interaction design with Tuya's PaaS2.0, culminating in the creation of exclusive apps tailored for brand owners. This alliance not only enables brand owners to precisely target diverse customer segments but also fosters a more intuitive and comfortable intelligent product experience for users, significantly bolstering user loyalty," said Tsiki Naftaly, Co-Founder of Copilot.cx.

Goqual: From Understanding Customer Needs to Delivering Value to Customer: A Customer-Centric Journey

Founded in 2014, Goqual is a technology company that has been deeply engaged in the smart home industry for many years. As a smart life solution provider, Goqual operates Hejhome, one of the most active smart home platforms in South Korea, designs/manufactures/produces IoT electrical engineering products in the field of smart real estate, and has dozens of smart products applied to Korean real estate projects, integrated into rich and convenient smart life scenes, and continues to serve the most diverse types of smart home devices.

"As the most beloved smart home brand in Korea, we always adhere to customer-centric and customer-oriented approaches. We continually explore the dynamic landscape of smart homes, delivering satisfactory solutions that resonate with our customers. In the present landscape, the demand for smart homes is burgeoning, underscoring the increasing importance of seamless collaboration between software and hardware. Leveraging the smart solution platform offered by Tuya, we can swiftly construct and realize smart scenarios, empowering users to effortlessly integrate smart products into their daily lives and revel in the benefits of a truly smart and sustainable living experience," said Sean Woo, CEO of Goqual.

INOX Smart: Securing a Keyless Future: Enhanced Safety and Security in Multifamily and Mixed-Use Access Management through IoT Innovation

INOX Smart is an innovative company serving the residential, commercial, hospitality, and healthcare industries. It is a leader in door hardware design, engineering, and manufacturing. INOX has the ability and experience to integrate elegant luxury designs with engineered strength to meet stringent compliance regulations and endure harsh environments. INOX products continue to revolutionize the industry, from the world's first barn door privacy locks to electrified sliding door mortise locks with touchless unlocking and auto-locking capabilities.

"With the swift evolution of smart door lock technology, the era of keyless access is upon us. In response to the escalating consumer demand, INOX Smart has partnered with Tuya to introduce a comprehensive smart door lock solution. With Tuya's capabilities, our smart door lock products now boast a full spectrum of functions—from distribution network management to door lock authorization. This not only fortifies the security of door locks but also delivers a more convenient and intelligent home living experience for end users," said Qianyan Cheng, Founder & VP of INOX Smart.

T3 Technology: Own the Household - T3 Facilitate to Build a Whole Household Smart Eco-system

As the No.1 home broadband access supplier and the No.1 vendor to introduce Wi-Fi 6 to Thailand, T3 Technology enables smart enterprises, SMEs and households for a better smart life.

"T3 has consistently dedicated itself to crafting smart living spaces for Southeast Asian families. Tuya, with its formidable technological prowess and extensive practical experience, stands as a key ally in our mission to dismantle connectivity barriers within smart home products. Together, we develop 'Own the Household', and aim to forge a novel smart home ecosystem, enabling comprehensive control of home equipment integration throughout the entire ecosystem. Anticipating a deeper collaboration with Tuya in the future, we are poised to collectively pioneer advancements for superior smart life and smart businesses," said Kevin Guo, Deputy CEO of T3 Technology.

VTA+: 6 Years of Evolution and Technological Transformation

VTA developed audio, video, and home automation technological products for the home and office. Its brand VTA+ established a complete ecosystem designed to make users' lives easier, which integrates IoT technology under an all-in-one model to have control of the home.

Juan Carlos Varon, CEO of VTA+ said, "Home intelligence stands out as a crucial trend in the present market landscape. In our commitment to assisting consumers in crafting intelligent living environments,Tuya is a leading technology company because of its ability to update quickly and agilely. We have partnered with Tuya to collaboratively develop a smart home management system. The result is a living environment that is not only safer but also more comfortable and smarter for consumers."

Aerogaz (S) Pte Ltd: Revolutionizing Home Safety and Efficiency: Möwe by Aerogaz in Singapore's Smart Home Landscape

Aerogaz is a pioneering brand for home appliances, specializing in hobs, hoods and instant water heaters since 2003. It provides a range of high-quality and affordable household products for the Singapore market, which are also widely distributed and marketed throughout the ASEAN region. Being the smart home brand under Aerogaz, Möwe strives to meet the needs of the 21st-century smart lifestyle and provides a one-stop solution to a complete smart home ecosystem.

"Möwe, the smart home brand by Aerogaz, maintains a steadfast focus on enhancing consumer home safety and efficiency. Addressing safety concerns, Möwe collaborates with Tuya to introduce smart kitchen hobs that not only keep consumers informed about gas usage but also automatically cut off in the event of a gas leak. In terms of energy conservation, Möwe actively realizing energy-saving and low-carbon smart living scenarios for consumers, leveraging Tuya-enabled energy-saving kits. In the future, Möwe is poised to deepen its collaboration with Tuya, aspiring to contribute to a superior family life experience for consumers," said Marcus Tan, Business Development Manager of Aerogaz (S) Pte Ltd.

In addition, during the "Tuya Developer Day" event, Tuya forged partnerships with globally renowned companies such as Möwe, Singapore's pioneering smart home energy-saving service brand; Goqual, a leading IoT brand in South Korea; VTA+, a prominent smart home brand in Colombia; and Grupo Constulita, a leading lighting brand in Mexico. The event witnessed the signing of agreements and a ceremonial acknowledgment of collaboration. These partnerships will encompass multi-dimensional cooperation, spanning products, technology, and channels, with a shared goal of enhancing the quality of life for consumers and fostering a superior living environment for smart homes.

Since the opening day of CES 2024, Tuya's booth has already attracted thousands of visitors. The "Tuya Developer Day" event at CES 2024 not only opens up expansive market opportunities for Tuya and its partners but also serves as a platform for global developers to showcase their innovations, fostering direct communication, idea exchange, and newfound inspiration. In the future, Tuya remains committed to ongoing collaboration with global developers, actively promoting the widespread application of IoT, AI, and other cutting-edge technologies across diverse scenarios. This steadfast commitment is geared towards achieving the sustained and strategic development of the intelligent industry.

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