ITRI's CES 2024 Showcase Leads Tech Trends, Highlighting Global Collaborations

HSINCHU, Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- At CES 2024, ITRI presented ten groundbreaking innovations spanning AI robotics, smart sports, digital health, and AI display and entertainment. Director of Market Research at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Jessica Boothe, praised ITRI's exhibits for embodying the CES 2024 trends of AI, sustainability, and inclusivity. Expressing her enthusiasm, Boothe highlighted one of the showcased innovations, the Hyper-Realistic 3D Interactive Display, which was poised to launch a collaboration with Excellence Optoelectronics Inc. (EOI), a prominent automobile LED module manufacturer.

"I must say, very exciting showcase this year. We find everything to be on-trend. The CES 2024 trends were predicted to be AI, sustainability, and inclusivity. And we have all of that right here in your booth," remarked Boothe. "We're really excited that ITRI has been here since 2017. As we're celebrating CTA's 100-year anniversary, it's nice to say that we have exhibitors like ITRI coming back every year to CES, and we continue to see ITRI continue to innovate," she added.

"CES is the most influential tech event in the world, and this is the eighth time ITRI has participated," said ITRI President Edwin Liu. "To be at CES, we have two main purposes: to showcase ITRI on the global stage and to provide our team with valuable exposure to the latest advancements worldwide. Through CES, ITRI is opening up even more collaboration opportunities, engaging with potential investors, and exploring tech licensing and ventures."

"ITRI has worked on smart interactive display technology for years, and our collaboration with EOI on the Hyper-Realistic 3D Interactive Display is one of the best successes. This also allows us to strategically deploy diversified product lines in Taiwan, the United States, and Europe," said President Liu. ITRI also promoted the Institute's strategic partnerships with Light Matrix and its investor ADATA Technology on iGolfPutter, an intelligent interactive golf simulator. Utilizing Light Matrix's smart sports training and teaching system called SyncShot360 in iGolfPutter, it's targeting the global sports technology market. Notably, iGolfPutter has been named by Forbes Magazine as one of the technologies to look for at CES 2024.

EOI Chairman, Dr. Kuohsin Huang, elaborated on their collaboration project with ITRI, stating, "Unlike traditional methods relying on multiple cameras, the Hyper-Realistic 3D Interactive Display (ChartBox) can generate a personal, interactive 3D digital avatar from a 2D photograph. This 2D-to-3D process integrates various technologies, including real-time image matting, backside model generation, expression changes, natural speech, AI response, and facial recognition." He added, "Furthermore, its next-generation display technology positions EOI to enter the new market of audio-video entertainment and artistic performances."

Simon Chen, Chairman of ADATA, emphasized, "Beyond our commitment to providing top-notch memory solutions, ADATA is venturing into cutting-edge sports technology through cross-industry collaboration. Our goal is to offer an optimal training environment for athletes and an innovative experience for spectator sports. Leveraging ADATA's well-established global distribution channels, we can actively promote Taiwan's sports industry on the international stage."

Commenting on iGolfPutter and SyncShot360, Light Matrix CEO Joe Chen said, "The combination of fast 3D modeling, volumetric capture, and virtual-real fusion in the metaverse creates never-before-seen services that the sports and art industry would love. Our volumetric view technology, born out of collaboration with ITRI, allows for a more precise, 360-degree intelligent analysis of golf and other sports. It holds the promise of applications in sporting events and stage performances, setting an excellent foundation for future expansion in the global market."

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