HCMF Group Showcases Latest Intelligent Cabins and Innovative In-Car Safety Technology at CES 2024

TAIPEI, Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- HCMF Group, a global automotive components leader, showcases intelligent cabin products at CES 2024 (Booth 7211), supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. With planning and guidance from the Taiwan Design Research Institute and National Taiwan University's Smart Living Center, the R&D team, using design thinking, laid a solid foundation for innovative products. Notably, the intelligent cabins presents at CES resulted from collaboration with several prominent Taiwanese companies, integrating cutting-edge technologies across various industries and showcasing the highest level of electromechanical integrated smart products.

As a prominent supplier of automotive components to global car manufacturers, HCMF Group places special emphasis on vehicle safety. The collaboration with TMY Technology Inc. (TMYTEK) is particularly noteworthy, featuring the integration of their millimeter-wave radar technology to develop the Child Presence Detection (CPD) system for monitoring children inside the vehicle cabin. This technology utilizes a novel patented algorithm capable of distinguishing between adult passengers and infants. Additionally, it provides advanced detection of heartbeat and respiration, seamlessly integrated with HCMF's panoramic sunroof system. Once the driver locks the vehicle, the system performs a 360-degree scan of the interior cabin space, sending real-time information to the owner's mobile device, significantly reducing the risk of accidental incidents involving children or pets left unattended in the vehicle. This innovative technology held substantial potential in enhancing in-vehicle safety, demonstrating HCMF Group's leadership in automotive technology.

Within the vehicle cabin, HCMF Group collaborates with Inventec to develop a comprehensive intelligent user interface control and wireless charging system. Furthermore, through successful partnerships with AUO and LSH Glass, HCMF Group seamlessly integrates high-brightness, clear, and highly transparent Micro LED displays into the rear seat side windows. Following a redesign of the lifting system, HCMF Group achieves a groundbreaking milestone by enabling the Micro LED display to be lifted up and down, creating an industry-first transparent smart car window that caters to diverse occupant needs. This innovative feature opens up possibilities for in-vehicle information and entertainment content, online video conferencing, secure in-vehicle reminder image placement, and more, driving the future of smart mobility. Simultaneously, HCMF Group incorporates the multimedia system into the multi-functional flip screen of the panoramic sunroof, resulting in the industry's 32:9 in-car screen dedicated multimedia system.

Leveraging over 20 years of experience in automotive sunroof design and production, HCMF Group incorporated BenQ Materials revolutionizing automotive windows with its Smart Optica Film (PDLC), offering heat insulation and enhanced privacy. Additionally, the pioneering in-car aesthetics and functionality with Optical Decoration Film (ODF) integrated into smart passenger touch screens. These innovations not only elevate interior design but also provide passengers with a sophisticated and intelligent control experience.

Mr. Jeffrey Hsi, CTO of HCMF group, stated that, "In this year's CES exhibition, HCMF Group collaborates with more partners to showcase an exciting array of intelligent cabins and innovative in-vehicle safety technologies. These products are not only the results of our years of in-depth collaboration with renowned Taiwanese companies but also represent our commitment to the future development of automotive technology. HCMF Group actively pursues technological innovation in the field of smart cars, laying a foundation for the safety and stability of future automotive technology."

With over 60 years of experience in mechanical products, HCMF Group engaged in deep collaborations with major Taiwanese enterprises. Under the various SBU product systems in the HCMF R&D department, each component seamlessly integrated electronic control systems, presenting the diverse functionalities of intelligent products. In terms of independent research and development, the group established a dedicated electronic control design and development department, officially founded in Spain in 2016 as HCMF Group's electronic control design and development department, providing comprehensive electromechanical integrated products tailored to meet various customer requirements.

Furthermore, the complete side-door system integrated HCMF's exclusive technology, combining a hidden external handle with facial recognition unlocking. The automatic side-door actuator features TMYTEK's millimeter-wave radar for foreign object detection, and electronic side mirrors detect rear-approaching vehicles during door opening to prevent collisions. Simultaneously, the frameless anti-pinch lift system consolidates all door system electronic controls into a single DCU controller, significantly reducing costs, enhancing integration, and fortifying competitive advantages, ushering in new possibilities for future automotive safety technology.

HCMF Group at CES showcases cutting-edge automotive innovations globally. Committed to advancing the industry through collaboration and independent R&D, the company aims to create smarter, safer, and more enjoyable cabin experiences. Viewing this exhibition as a starting point, HCMF Group actively pursues technological breakthroughs, promising more surprises in the future of automotive technology. Visit Booth 7211 at CES to explore this technological feast.

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