CLIFTON, N.J., Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- DREO, a rising smart home brand pioneering AIOT appliances in the air comfort and kitchen categories, today announces the debut of two new product series at CES 2024. The MultiComfort series is being added to its Air Comfort category, where all the products will be multi-functional, and a new Drink & Beverage series will be added to its Kitchen Appliance category. The first product of the MultiComfort series is DREO's brand-new 2-in-1 purifier fan, while the Drink & Beverage series will feature an industry-first 3-in-1 milk frother to be launched later in June 2024. Building on DREO's 2023 success, the new product series aims to enrich DREO's product offerings and give consumers more product choices. 

DREO's MultiComfort series brings together some of DREO's most popular product functions into combined devices. The first product of the series, a 2-in-1 purifier fan powered by a new dual-motor technology that allows each motor to work independently, giving users unique wind and purifying combinations, while effectively propelling air up to 40 feet and covering a 1550 sq ft area with its ultra-wide 120˚ oscillation, and H13 HEPA filter for comprehensive purification.

Thanks to DREO's proprietary dual-motor technology, this versatile appliance seamlessly transitions between multiple purifying and cooling modes, functioning independently as a tower fan, a purifier, or both at the same time. It boasts dynamic wind and purifying control, ensuring powerful wind performance and uniform purification, transforming any space into an oasis of comfort.

Built with multiple temperature and air quality sensors, this appliance intelligently adapts power and speed to different conditions. From purifying expansive areas to refreshing during the sweltering heat or purifying air in winter, DREO's MultiComfort series guarantees unparalleled air comfort across diverse environments, while allowing for easy access to features through the DREO app. The DREO MultiComfort 2-in-1 purifier fan will be available for purchase in Q1 of 2024.

Leveraging a unique blend of food science and barista mastery, DREO's new milk frother allows coffee lovers to achieve the most exquisitely frothed milk at home with just the touch of a button. This new milk frother represents the culmination of extensive research and a patented propeller technology that has been meticulously crafted to replicate the technique of professional baristas.

After thousands of simulations mimicking the frothing preparation process of expert baristas in their R&D kitchen, DREO has developed a milk frother capable of emulating the froth quality found in commercial coffee shops, surpassing the capabilities of most traditional off-the-shelf home frothers with unmatched froth quality and texture. DREO's proprietary technology efficiently blends milk and foam, reducing the foam's dissipation rate by half compared to conventional frothers. Using this new milk frother, the froth is finely cut to less than 0.5mm in diameter, resulting in an exceptionally smoother and creamy texture compared to the standard 1-2mm foam diameters achieved by other traditional frothers and giving the finish that "cafe" look and taste. DREO's new milk frother will be featured on Kickstarter mid-year of 2024 and officially launched later in the year.

Experience DREO's milk frother and other innovative tech and new products at their booth at CES 2024 (Venetian Expo, Halls A-D — Booth 50339 — Smart Home). For more information, visit the DREO website (https://www.dreo.com), or follow DREO on Facebook or Instagram.  For media inquiries, please contact at pr@dreo.com.


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