NHOA.TCC's Fireproof and Fire Extinguishing EnergyArk Passed the Strictest UL 9540 Safety Test Showcased at the CES 2024, Integrated Charging and Storage to be Deployed in Italy in 2024

TAIPEI, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiwan Cement Corporation's (TCC) subsidiary, NHOA.TCC, made its debut at the world's largest Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2024, showcasing the unique "Energy Storage with EV Charging Station" and "Stable Power Grid Structure" based on the innovative Fireproof and Fire Extinguishing UHPC energy storage cabinet, EnergyArk, which receives enthusiastic responses from clients. NHOA.TCC announced the successful passing of UL 9540 energy storage system safety certification for EnergyArk. Collaborating with TCC Group's European subsidiary, Atlante, NHOA.TCC plans to build a charging station with energy storage system in Italy in 2024 Q2, the first EnergyArk in Europe. To support NHOA.TCC, TCC Group's high-end lithium battery company, Molicel, showcased the electric racing car McMurtry Spéirling, powered by Molicel's ultra-high-power lithium battery. The demonstration highlighted that under the "EnergyArk Energy Storage with EV Charging Station" developed by NHOA.TCC, it can provide stable fast charging without impacting the power grid and guarantee safety.

In response to the growing trend of clean energy, international automotive manufacturers such as Hyundai, KIA, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VinFast, as well as well-known charger brands like ABB, EVgo, Chaevi, and Star Charge, are all moving towards high-power charging trends, reaching up to 720 kW, and the need for energy storage became evident. European customers expressed challenges in power applications for constructing supercharging stations, while U.S. clients emphasized the demand for energy storage to stabilize electricity consumption, especially supercharging stations that can charge EV trucks in warehouses.

Showcased DC-DC integrated charging and storage structure impressed CES attendees, addressing power conversion losses and enhancing energy efficiency. EnergyArk, constructed with Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC), has raised the clients' interests for its ability to resistant extreme weather conditions, which is crucial in global climate change.

EnergyArk's successful debut at CES 2024 marked its readiness for international markets, having passed rigorous safety tests, including UL 9540 and IEC 62933-5-2. The energy storage system also complies with NFPA 855 standards. Constructed with UHPC, EnergyArk offers fire resistance, heat resistance, and high-strength characteristics, distinguishing it from traditional metal containers. With three different battery capacities (40, 60, and 1000), EnergyArk is suitable for various indoor and outdoor sites. EnergyArk is equipped with a self-developed energy management system, ensuring that when the battery overheats, the fire extinguishing system automatically activates by submerging the battery in water while maintaining the integrity of the cabinet.

NHOA.TCC also collaborated with global partners in CES 2024 like WAE, KULR, and ZEROVA. NHOA.TCC and WAE collaborated to develop scalable battery module with high C-rate charging and discharging, achieving an energy density more than 10% higher than competitors. NHOA.TCC and KULR worked together to create extremely safe batteries for energy storage applications. TCC Group's Chairman Nelson An-ping Chang emphasized international competitiveness in energy planning, citing Europe and the U.S. as leaders. He urged partners to contribute to global carbon reduction efforts, providing diverse choices for future generations.


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