LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- At CES 2024, TORRAS revealed the results of a new 2023 IPSOS and WGSN consumer study of mobile phone case consumption trends and insights.  Ipsos is one of the world's leading market research and polling companies and WGSN is a global expert in trend forecasting.

The study credited TORRAS for pioneering the development of kickstand phone cases and complimented the recent designs of TORRAS phone cases for combining kickstand and magnetic suction features with upgraded protection and thinness and portability.  It also called TORRAS "the next generation of phone cases."

Some of the trends revealed in the 2023 study of 3000 global consumers include:

  • Digital life is increasingly penetrating, and the number of digital nomads, people who travel freely while working remotely using technology and the internet, is further growing.
  • Currently, daily leisure and entertainment (listening to music, watching videos, playing games, etc.) and mobile social networking (taking photos with family and friends, sharing videos, video calls, etc.) are still the most mainstream scenes in the world. In the future, with the rise of digital nomads and the highly integrated life and work, it is expected that smartphones will be used more frequently during outdoor activities, sports, driving and online working.
  • Western countries have more social interaction scenes, and they tend to take photos or videos or make video calls with family and friends, while Eastern countries (China and Japan) tend to be "quiet and reserved" and prefer to watch long videos to pass the time.

    In Western countries, daily travel/commuting is now dominated by self-driving, so mobile phone assistance scenarios while driving are more common, while in China, as a result of the emerging new energy vehicle industry, driving scenarios will undoubtedly become increasingly important.
  • In this important life, entertainment, socializing, driving, and working scenarios, different actions are taken when using smartphones, resulting in differentiated needs for mobile phone cases. When using phones to watch short videos or play games, people hold them in one hand or both hands more often, which requires anti-slip and anti-drop functions.
  • When occasions of watching long videos, daily socializing, and work video calls/meetings on mobile phones, a phone case with a kickstand that helps to free people's hands is necessary.
  • The development of phone case products and smartphones take place simultaneously. While smartphones are transitioning from feature phones, mobile phone case products are also being constantly upgraded, from basic protection in the 1.0 era, to improvements in appearance and materials in the 2.0 era, to comprehensive functional evolution in the 3.0 era. Phone cases have also gradually become a "rigid need" for users.

Leading companies/brands of phone cases, therefore, have further innovated and developed the functions of their products to meet the demands of new scenarios:

  • Higher standards for protection functions, and more advanced technology;
  • Besides the fashionable appearance/personalized style, the concept of the design is "returning to nature", under which the similar touch/color of phone cases to the phone and the minimalist style set off a new trend;
  • With the popularity of long video apps, the rise of short videos, the coming era of live streaming dividends and the requirement for office workers to have "three heads and six arms" (multiple devices are interconnected and shared), the mobile phone case with kickstand is born;
  • With the launch of MagSafe (magnetic charging) for iPhone 12, coupled with people's common/frequent need for driving, there are demands for in-car magnetic charging, which has given rise to magnetic phone cases.

The functions and design that consumers expect most for future mobile phone cases are:

  • Upgraded protection (76%)
  • Lightweight and portable (52%)
  • All-in-one functions, allowing for hands free use (52%)
  • Minimalist/same feeling as bare phone (59%)

When asked about TORRAS, the study revealed: "Through continuous innovation and research and development, TORRAS integrated upgraded protection and portability, restoring the design style of bare phones.  At the same time, it pioneers a new design of phone case with the combination of kickstand and magnetic suction, which performs excellently and has won many international design awards, patented innovations, and industry honors, leading the development and progress of the kickstand and magnetic suction phone case products."

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Founded in 2012, TORRAS is an innovative brand with a design philosophy of "Simple but Unique." They now have an R&D laboratory that spans over 2,000 square meters and have obtained more than 1,300 patents thus far, with 60 of its products winning prestigious international design awards.  For more information, visit www.torraslife.com.

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