CES 2024: 3i Debuts World's First Water-free Intelligent Cleaning Station

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- 3i, a premium smart appliance brand, specializing in advanced home appliances powered by artificial intelligence and innovative applications, is proud to introduce the 3i Intelligent Cleaning Station - the H1 series, exemplified by the H1 Pro, to the global market during the CES 2024, the world's biggest tech exhibition, from January 9-12. This world-first water-free intelligent cleaning station promises to deliver a hands-free home cleaning experience, setting a new standard for modern living.

"3i's strategic plan for 2024 underscores a significant focus on expanding into the international market. As such, we have chosen CES 2024 as the springboard for this plan, and unveiled two pioneering products during the event, with the H1 series, exemplified by the H1 Pro being one of them," said Zexiao Wu, Vice President of 3i. "Motivated by our problem-solving engineering mindset, we recognized the challenges users face when using traditional cleaning robots, such as the frequent need to empty dirty water and refill the tank with clean water. To address this, the 3i team has created the world's first water-free intelligent cleaning station, the H1 series, exemplified by the H1 Pro."

Certified by Frost & Sullivan, the 3i Intelligent Cleaning Station is the world's first water-free intelligent cleaning station in the global robot vacuum cleaner market. The H1 Pro is equipped with 3i's proprietary water recycling system, which purifies wastewater into distilled water and can extract water from the air, enabling continuous cleaning without the need to add water or dispose of wastewater. This feature has greatly impressed visitors at 3i's booth, who have previously been inconvenienced by the constant need to refill water tanks and manage messy spills. They were pleasantly surprised to discover that this feature also enables the device to be positioned anywhere in the house, adding convenience for homes without a designated parking spot for cleaning robots.

The H1 Pro performs six coordinated cleaning steps: collection, sweeping, vacuuming, water spraying, mopping, and dirt scraping, ensuring a thorough and deep clean of your home. It features an 8000Pa high-performance, high-speed brushless fan that provides powerful suction, capable of absorbing everyday dust, hair, cat food, and cat litter. The H1 Pro also includes a Roller Mop Self-drying with Warm Air feature, which automatically dries the roller mop after cleaning to prevent damp odors and bacterial growth. In addition, with a 5L dust bag capacity, the frequency of garbage disposal is reduced to approximately once every 60 days.

Moreover, the H1 Pro is built with a green laser dirt detection feature that identifies various types of dirt, including liquids, stains, dust, and particles. This feature creates reflective spots captured by a high-quality camera. Using AI and deep learning algorithms, the H1 Pro can swiftly identify 52 types of dirt and common objects, enhancing its cleaning efficiency by devising specific cleaning strategies. Thanks to its advanced AI capabilities, the H1 Pro can identify more obstacles, smartly change its cleaning route, and prevent blockages, crashes, and wire tangles.

With all these features, the H1 Pro truly liberates users, providing a seamless home cleaning experience by harnessing advanced technology. A visitor to 3i's booth called it "a dream come true for a busy person like me" as it is water-free and does everything from sweeping to mopping and even dries the mop afterward.

To provide additional assurance to its users, the H1 Pro utilizes 90°C micro-boiling water to instantly sterilize wastewater, effectively eradicating a variety of harmful pathogens. This, together with a silver ion module and Unilever's herbal cleaning liquid, guarantees 99.9% sterilization and antibacterial effectiveness. The H1 Pro also includes an app for remote operation, enabling users to oversee and manage home cleaning. It essentially acts as a home environment patrol officer, offering real-time updates on various locations.

During the four-day event, 3i has also presented the H1 Master, a model designed by an acclaimed designer from a top luxury brand. The H1 Master is a true masterpiece of technological aesthetics. It blends luxury aesthetics in color and material with timeless architectural lines, creating a romantic and elegant ambiance reminiscent.

Interested attendees can visit 3i's booth at booth 50955 Venetian Expo, Halls A-D during CES 2024, taking place in Las Vegas between January 9th and 12th, to learn more about the H1 series, exemplified by the H1 Pro and have a hands-on experience.

About 3i

3i, a premium smart appliance brand, embodies the essence of its brand philosophy "First or Ever" by creating innovative technical masterpieces that have never been seen before. The brand's mission is to leverage the wisdom of a world-class engineering team to create unprecedented technological masterpieces. Powered by this engineering prowess, 3i develops unique, first-of-their-kind products that address real-life issues.

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