From The Pool to the Lawn, Aiper Revolutionizes The Smart-Yard Ecosystem With Its First-Ever Robotic Lawn Mower

Known for its innovative cord-free robot pool cleaners, Aiper expands its suite of backyard product offerings with a new cutting-edge cordless robotic lawn mower - the Horizon U1

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Aiper, a global leader in smart-yard robotic solutions, will be in Las Vegas, Nevada at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to debut its first cordless robotic lawn mower, the Horizon U1. A category first for the brand, the Horizon U1 will expand Aiper's product offerings from not just the swimming pool but to the yard, helping effortlessly maintain even the unruliest of lawns. The new robot will feature wireless mowing capabilities as well as first-of-its kind technologies that enable the lawn mower to cut all grass types fast and efficiently. Available in Q1 2024, Aiper also announces its first-ever app for iOS and Android, giving the ability to remotely control the robot and more, making lawn maintenance easier than ever before. The Horizon U1 will be available for purchase starting Q3 of 2024 on

In the U.S., the average homeowner will spend around 70 hours a year on lawn maintenance and traditional manual lawn mowers – be it a push or ride-on – are not only gas guzzlers but are loud and are large thus making it hard to maneuver and take up space. The Horizon U1 boasts Aiper's sleek, lightweight, compact, and cord-free design – and is optimized to automatically cut grass of all types in yards up to 32,000 sq. ft.

"It's time to stop wasting time and energy wrestling with manual lawn mowers to achieve a well-groomed lawn when you could be using that time to grill or play lawn games," says Richard Wang, CEO and Founder of Aiper Global. "We are always growing and evolving our portfolio of products to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Investing in R&D, the Horizon U1 is a technology advancement that will change the game in lawn care."

In addition to being cord-free, the Horizon U1 cordless, robotic lawn mower has several innovative features that deliver limitless precision mowing capabilities for an adaptive, efficient, and superior user experience, specifically:

Boundary Setting
The Boundary Setting is designed with precision mowing, maneuverability, and ease-of-use in mind. Unlike other robot lawn mowers that require hours of complicated pre-setup involving inground burial of boundary wires, the Horizon U1 sets boundaries around the yard at the touch of a button via the Aiper app and without any wires. Locating itself, the robotic mower utilizes real-time kinematic positioning (RTK) and an inertial navigation system (INS) to function as an onboard GPS system providing centimeter-level precision across the yard. 

The Horizon U1 is compatible with Aiper's cordless Signal Relay Station (sold separately) to support more complex navigation environments and reach both the front yard and back yard.

Precision Mowing
An industry first, Horizon U1 automatically adapts to different grass types and conditions, achieving a smooth and exact cut across the entire lawn. The adaptive blade technology utilizes a four-link cutting disc structure and spring suspension design to achieve forward and reverse rotations to accommodate all terrain types and ensure an even cut that will be the envy of all the neighbors. Through a combination of sensors and navigation technology, the Horizon U1 features Intelligent Path Planning technology for precise end-to-end coverage for a beautifully uniform lawn.

Maneuverability Around Obstacles and for Safety
Sensing its surroundings to avoid obstacles and to create a safer user experience, the Horizon U1 uses Aiper Vision Technology which combines cameras and sensors with an AI-enhanced algorithm to capture real-time environmental information and precisely determine its current position. As a result, the smart robot can avoid common obstacles found in the yard – from a trampoline and a basketball to small animals – making it safer for users and pets.

User Experience
To enhance the user experience, the robotic lawn mower features an autonomous battery monitor to optimize yard maintenance and reduce waiting time. This intelligent recharging system enables the Horizon U1 to automatically return to its charger after dropping below 10% to quickly return to 80% and continue mowing without human interference.

The Horizon U1 will be available for purchase starting Q3 of 2024 on and select retail locations.

The Horizon U1 will be unveiled at CES 2024 at the Aiper booth (#9053) in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Together with HGTV star Chip Wade, Aiper will be hosting in its CES booth a New Product Launch event on January 9 at 11:30am Pacific Time with splashy product demos and more. Aiper will also have a presence at CES Unveiled on January 7, Pepcom Digital Experience! on January 8, and Showstoppers @ CES 2024 on January 9. 

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About Aiper
Aiper is the leading global creator of innovative cordless robotic pool cleaners on a mission to Bring Vacation Home by inspiring pool owners to turn their backyards into a personal oasis with the help of smarter cleaning solutions. After doing a deep dive into the pain points of traditional pool cleaners, the company embarked on a path to merge technology with innovative design to create the world's most easy-to-use robotic pool cleaners that are not only cord and hassle-free but can automatically handle all the dirty work so pool owners can stop manually cleaning. Unlike other products on the market, each Aiper robot is guaranteed to minimize the time and money spent laboring cleaning and give more time back to enjoy quality time with friends and family by the pool. Through that, Aiper has earned its place as the world's best cordless robotic pool cleaner since its launch. In 2023 and 2024, Aiper products have been named CES Innovations Award Honorees.


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