LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- OKAI, a global leader in the manufacturing of e-scooters and e-bikes for over a decade, is presenting its newest e-scooters, e-bikes, and a smart helmet along with its pioneering micro-mobility hardware and software technologies at Booth 54825 in the Venetian Expo during CES 2023.

Okai brings more micro-mobility products and solutions to enhance its second participation at CES. 

Jiangtao Lu, CEO of OKAI, states, "OKAI's established track record of product development, manufacturing, and supply chain management has enabled us to achieve a dominant presence in the sharing-ride industry. Now we are more than ever committed to closing the first and last mile' transportation gaps with our world-class micro-mobility solutions, especially for consumers who want to have their own e-scooters or e-bikes post pandemic. My team is proudly delivering more OKAI 'Micro EVs' to empower people everywhere to navigate their communities in ways that are reliable, fun, and eco-friendly."

With top-notch industry design expertise and other remarkable features, OKAI consumer products deliver a sustainable yet stylish urban commuting solution for riders who seek to reduce both their carbon footprints and transportation costs. At the CES show, OKAI will present its stellar Neon Series & EA10 Pro e-scooters as well as the IF Design Award-winning OKAI Panther ES800, an off-road e-scooter with superb performance. For e-bike enthusiasts, OKAI will showcase a variety of choices: the OKAI Stride & EB40C for urban commuters, the OKAI Ranger & EB50C for off-road explorers, the EB60 for minimalists, and the EB20, a carbon fiber e-MTB for people seeking exceptional riding performance.

Jack Gillin, OKAI America's Senior Director of Business Growth, says, "OKAI is setting the bar for the whole e-mobility industry with its strong manufacturing power and sustainable product development. The industry has even greater market potentials. It's not only individual use or shared ride business; with the increasing adoption of micro-mobility products they can be used in more scenarios such as patrolling e-bikes or delivery e-bikes." 

OKAI is dedicated to bringing safe and smart e-scooters and e-bikes to everyone in the world. OKAI officially introduced itself to the American consumer market at the 2022 CES show. In 2022, OKAI presented e-bike cyclists with the launches of the OKAI Stride, a commuter e-bike, and the OKAI Ranger, a fat-tire multi-terrain e-bike. For e-scooter lovers, OKAI offered the Neon series smart e-scooters and the EA10 Pro, the seated scooter with a head-turning design. The company continues its commitment to creating innovative micro-transportation solutions. So OKAI is participating in its second CES show and treating it more like an anniversary "party." 

About OKAI
OKAI has a rich tradition of delivering top-notch micro-mobility solutions with a multinational team of more than 11 years of experience serving the industry. Thanks to exceptional capabilities in designing, R&D, manufacturing, quality assurance, testing and customer service, OKAI has built a commanding market presence in Europe and North America as one of the world's largest e-scooter and e-bike sharing service providers. OKAI is here to impact your life, not your carbon footprint.

Newest OKAI Products Released at CES 2023:

OKAI Panther ES800 Off-road Performance E-Scooter

OKAI's well-crafted off-road electric scooter, the Panther ES800, enhances your riding FUN-ctionalities to achieve a 37.3 mph top speed, 3000W max power equipped with dual motors, and an up to 31-mile range with a single-battery full charge with a swappable battery option available. To ensure a safe and smooth ride while pursuing extreme performance, the OKAI Panther ES800 has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, a one-piece aluminum frame, front fork suspension, a rear shock absorber, and off-road 12" tubeless tires. Available in February 2023.

OKAI EB20 Electric Mountain Bike Made of Carbon Fiber

The EB20 is OKAI's first ever electric mountain bike (E-MTB). To ensure it delivers the best performance, the EB20's one-piece frame is made of high-end carbon fiber. The EB20 is equipped with full suspension, hydraulic rear shock absorber, and BAFANG mid-drive motor with 1000w peak power. Performance wise, the range is up to 60 miles per full charge and the speed is up to 28 mph. Limited edition, available upon request.

OKAI EB60 Smart City E-Bike

The EB60, OKAI's newest e-bike, offers a salute to simplicity. The clean outline of the frame is very impressive at first glance. Additional product highlights include an anti-theft IOT (Internet of Thing) system, torque sensor system, and smart disc brake. The EB60 offers a range of up to 45 miles and a top speed up to 15.5 mph. If Apple built an e-bike, this could be it. Available in Q2 2023.

OKAI Smart Helmet

The OKAI Smart Helmet is one of the world's smartest interactive helmets, making your commute safer and more convenient. Integrated Bluetooth provides app connectivity and the ability to customize and configure front and rear LED displays that improve rider visibility and safety. Riders can connect the app and select customized colors, text, and patterns, while also enjoying their favorite music using a smart integrated speaker that provides audio without affecting aural awareness on the road. Able to pair with all OKAI Neon series e-scooters, the OKAI Smart Helmet offers more custom status signals after pairing via the OKAI app.


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