Telink Semiconductor's TLSR9 SoC Officially Certified as Thread 1.3.0 Component

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Telink Semiconductor Co., a leader in high-performance, low-power system-level connectivity chips, today announced that the company's TLSR9 Series SoC is now certified as a Thread 1.3.0 component, laying the groundwork for Matter device development.

At the upcoming CES conference, Telink will be unveiling a new demo and end product samples of the Matter over Thread capabilities for TLSR9 SoC.

"At Telink, we're committed to delivering the best possible solutions to help developers utilize the latest technologies," said Dr. Wenjun Sheng, CEO of Telink Semiconductor. "With the TLSR9 SoC officially Thread 1.3.0 certified, we are ready to support cutting-edge customer product development. In fact, Telink's TLSR9 SoC is the first Thread component certified in China."

With the Matter smart home standard launched in October 2022, Telink is now helping a client with the final stage of Matter over Thread device testing and expects to help the client gain Matter certification soon.

Matter is an IP-based connectivity standard that simplifies smart home ecosystems by enabling interconnectivity for devices from different manufacturers. With Matter, devices can communicate with the internet using existing protocols like Thread, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet.

The Thread 1.3.0 protocol for Matter devices offers a low-power, insular alternative to high-bandwidth technologies like Wi-Fi. Built to enable a seamless operation of Matter, the latest version of Thread offers new solutions for IPv6 connectivity for easier routing and prefix configuration, as well as DNS-based service discovery.

With Telink's TLSR9 SoC, developers can create Matter-enabled devices and applications that are fully compatible with Thread 1.3.0., making the most of what these two technologies have to offer for today's smart home ecosystems.

CES 2023

Please join Telink for a Matter over Thread demo at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, January 5-8. See how the TLSR9 SoC can make a difference for developers looking for an easy way to ensure interoperability with the latest smart home technologies.

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