EcoFlow Presents Lawn Mower, Portable Fridge, Portable AC and Home Power Solution at CES 2023

The CES Honorees Blade and Glacier, the Wave 2 Portable Air Conditioner, and the effortless home backup power solutions allow users to power their lives in a way that has never been so easy. The new devices are coming to Europe soon in the year of 2023.

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- EcoFlow, a portable power and renewable energy solutions company, debuts three new smart devices at the show: the Wave 2 Portable Air Conditioner, as well as CES 2023 Honorees – Blade robotic lawn-sweeping mower, and Glacier Portable Fridge with a built-in ice maker. The three new smart devices further reflect the brand's commitment to transform the eco-friendly way of living powered by EcoFlow.

EcoFlow Presents Lawn Mower, Portable Fridge and Portable AC at CES 2023

The brand also showcased its new home backup power solution, demonstrating how power has never been this easy. Built around the powerful DELTA Pro portable power station, EcoFlow's home backup power solution is a quiet and reliable portable home battery setup to replace noisy and highly polluting generators. The set-up attracted attention as a groundbreaking solution to ease the effects of the global energy crisis and make powering one's life easier than ever.

EcoFlow's Head of Business Development, Brian Essenmacher, said: "We're excited to be showcasing our new smart devices and innovative home backup power solution at CES 2023. In recent years, we've been through the life-altering pandemic, we've got rising electricity bills and have been experiencing extreme weather that is creating an ever more unstable energy situation. This is why EcoFlow is providing power that's easier than ever to help users to make the most of life, whether it's by saving time and costs, or by making life more enjoyable at home, outdoor and in mobile spaces."

Three New Smart Devices for Next-Level Living

As a hotbed of the latest and best of technological innovation where ideas become reality, CES 2023 provided the ideal setting for EcoFlow to demonstrate how its growing ecosystem of smart devices improves life at home, outdoors and in mobile spaces. The three new products unveiled by EcoFlow at CES 2023 are:

  • EcoFlow Blade: The world's first lawn-sweeping robotic mower, EcoFlow Blade proves cheaper than professional mowing services and requires less physical effort than standard robotic mowers, making lawn care totally hassle-free.

  • EcoFlow Wave 2: Following the success of the first Wave Portable Air Conditioner, the new second generation is capable of both heating and cooling, making life even more comfortable outdoors and in off-grid spaces.

  • EcoFlow Glacier: Glacier is the industry's first portable fridge to feature a built-in icemaker, keeping food fresh and drinks topped up with ice for maximum enjoyment.

Of the three new products, both EcoFlow Blade and EcoFlow Glacier were selected as CES 2023 Honorees, highlighting their exceptional innovative designs and their potential for improving users' quality of life.

Home Backup Power for Lasting Peace of Mind

Most of us rely on the grid for our electricity, and when the grid fails, the consequences can range from frustrating to fatal. Traditionally, people turned to fuel generators as emergency power solution during blackouts. While fuel generators are noisy, smoky and produce high levels of dangerous carbon monoxide, EcoFlow's home backup power solution provides backup power that is clean, quiet and safe.

The home backup power solution for North American market is built around DELTA Pro, the powerful portable power station with fastest charging speeds, connecting up to a massive 7200W output, which is enough to keep critical circuits running for up to a week.

The alternative home backup solution for users in Europe is with EcoFlow's industry-leading modular energy system, Power Kits. Based on power needs, users can choose and connect up to six LFP batteries, which offer a base capacity of 2KWh and are expandable to 30KWh with the use of Smart Home Panel. This solution supports a maximum of 9600W solar input, allowing charging from multiple types and quantities of solar panels, which users can also choose from EcoFlow solar panel collection to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. In cases of emergency, user can easily use their own backup generators to charge Power Kits.

While standard home power solutions require professional installation can take weeks or months to install, EcoFlow's new solutions are made to be easy to install in both homes and RVs. Just like the three new devices, the home backup solutions allow users to lead more comfortable lives with power that has never been so easy.

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