Innovative technology company behind popular smart cooking solution reveals new hardware at CES, marking the brand's second product offering since its launch in 2018

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Brava, a technology company changing the way people cook at home, announced today the release of its newest product, Brava Glass. As the company's first new product since bringing its proprietary innovation to consumers in 2018 with the brand's launch, Brava Glass features a cutting edge glass window on the front of the oven, allowing users to finally see the light for a fully immersive cooking experience. Meeting the long-awaited consumer demand, Brava's evolution enables a full and transparent view of the appliance's interior and lamps as food cooks to perfection. Brava Glass will be on display at this year's CES from January 5-8, 2023 in the food tech section at The Venetian Expo.

Brava Glass further elevates Brava's groundbreaking, patented Pure Light Cooking™ technology and has the same cooking capabilities and modes as its predecessor, including: Air-Fry, Roast, Bake, Sear, Toast, Reheat, Rice Cook, Slow Cook, Dehydrate and Keep Warm. Additionally, this new iteration will continue to come equipped with the popular heat-resistant internal camera and machine vision to monitor cooking progress, with remote viewing access on smartphones via the Brava Home app.

With Brava's new product introduction, the company remains committed to empowering anyone who wants to make better food at home with its one-of-a-kind technology. Revered as the only appliance to cook with light – at the speed of light no less – the addition of this window is a revolutionary step for Brava, as the glass panel features a 97% tint.

"Since introducing Brava to the world in 2018, we've been overwhelmed with the positive response as Brava continues to make a lasting impact on daily cooking habits and kitchens across America," said John Pleasants, Co-Founder and CEO of Brava. "With the addition of Brava Glass to our product line up, we hope to bring an even more immersive cooking experience to families that mimics the shared nostalgia of cooking around a grill, stovetop or campfire."

Just as its previous model, Brava Glass can cook an entire meal with less energy than it takes to preheat a traditional oven as it can cook different food groups at distinct temperatures, simultaneously through its multi-zone capabilities. This allows one to cook protein, veggies and starch all on one tray to perfection—allowing for home chefs everywhere to call it quits on multitasking and making a five-star meal possible at home. The oven is equipped with the most advanced sensors in development, including a temperature probe that enables the utmost precision to ensure perfect and consistent cooks.

"When we created Brava, while we went through several prototypes before landing on a final design that captured the look and function we dreamed of, we always envisioned a glass window," said Thomas Cheng, Co-Founder and CTO of Brava. "With Brava Glass, our inspiration has come full circle as we continue to prioritize user experiences, giving cooks at every level more control and the opportunity to witness our innovative technology in action."

Brava Glass will be priced at $1995.00 and available in the popular Chef's Choice set, which comes with two glass trays, two metal trays, a muffin tin, square pan, loaf pan, egg tray and the cast iron chef's pan.

Brava Glass is expected to ship in early 2023. For additional information, as well as updates on pre-orders, please visit For more information, please visit Follow the Brava conversation on social media @MyBravaHome on Facebook and @BravaHome on Instagram.

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Brava is a revolutionary smart cooking device that cooks with light, changing the way people prepare food at home. Brava makes cooking at home easier, faster and tastier than ever before. There's no preheating required and it can cook an entire meal (up to three different ingredients) all at the same time. It also serves as more than eight appliances in one, as it can sear, bake, air fry, dehydrate, toast, slow cook, reheat and more. Brava cooks up to four times as fast as a traditional oven and comes loaded with thousands of chef-tested recipes — enabling people to eat smarter while giving them confidence in the kitchen and more time to do the things they love the most. For more information, visit

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