Quantum Music to Showcase Groundbreaking AI Baby Crying Translator Q-bear at TTA Pavilion

Q-bear uses artificial intelligence technology to help parents understand their newborn baby's needs and track physiological condition.

LAS VEGAS, July 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading algorithm programmer company in Taiwan, Quantum Music, will be exhibiting the AI Baby Crying Translator Q-bear in the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest and most influential technology trade show, held at 2022 CES

Qbaby; Baby translator for the modern parent

The groundbreaking technology, designed using an 18-layer deep learning architecture and processes GPU pre-training mode through more than 10,000 rows of crying data from babies, can precisely identify babies' needs based on their 10-seconds crying patterns. It can also perform a pain and discomfort analysis to keep track of a baby's physiological condition at any time.

Using artificial intelligence, Q-bear can adapt to the baby's needs. The device, for instance, is programmed to auto-play a lullaby and a patented womb simulating noise while turning on the carefully designed sleep aid light when it detects that the baby is "tired". Parents will also receive notifications that will give them a comprehensive update on the baby's comfort level, using Q-bear's features such as humidity and indoor temperature reading, urination frequency, pain and discomfort index, as well as diaper inventory tracking.

"Parents, especially first-time parents have a difficult time juggling career demands and family life. We invented Q-bear to assist parents in understanding their babies and consequently providing more support to both parent and child," said Hikari TSAI, Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Music.

In addition, Q-bear has a learning function that progressively becomes more refined with uses. The app already has the highest level of accuracy prediction on the market at 95% and is also the only Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) with automatic detection, activation, and recording capabilities.

"Q-bear can precisely identify four basic baby needs, such as being fussy, overtired, hungry, or in need of a diaper change," said Dr. Meiwen Wang, Co-developer of Qbear and Medical Consultant of Quantum Music. "It is designed to help parents understand their newborn baby's needs and make accurate decisions as quickly as possible."

Q-bear is sleekly designed, with three available placement options: tabletop, wall hanging, and crib stand. The rack design can fit in all baby cribs which meet ASTM F1169 market regulations It meets the international ISO 8124-1:2018 standards with all materials in compliance with RHoS3.0. The app is also compatible with Alexa, suitable to use in modern households.

Quantum Music strives to improve the quality of life using the latest technology and the science of sounds to meet the demands of the global market.

The Q-bear will be showcasing its technology at the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) Pavilion at Eureka Park, Venetian Expo 1F (Former Sands expo), booth no: 61423.

About Quantum Music

Quantum Music is created by the assembly of the development groups, music producers, sounding scientists, and algorithm programmers. In addition to working in the field of professional music production, they are dedicated to creating products that combine cultures, creatives, and technologies. They are hoping that this kind of product not only for entertainment, but also into every family, be part of their lives, and help more children growing up happily.

For more information, visit https://qbaby.ai/.





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