LAS VEGAS, Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Pozio Cradle, a listening blocker that also provides wireless charging for smartphones, is now available for orders at https://pozio.com/products/pozio-cradle-block-talk. The world's first phone charger that prevents eavesdropping, Pozio Cradle will ship in March 2022 and is being showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show this week.

"We are offering the world's first wireless phone charger that blocks our phones from listening until we want them to"

It's well documented that smartphones are perpetually listening, recording, storing and in some cases sharing users' personal information. It's not just the onboard smart assistants, mobile apps represent an exposure point as well. 

"Our smartphones are with us 24/7. We carry them with us all day long, and when we sleep, they're placed on the nightstand next to us to charge. If smartphones were a person, that person would hear our most sensitive conversations and know everything there is to know about us, including our finances, mental and physical health, relationship status and more. Should that sensitive information get into the wrong hands it could be problematic to say the least," said Dave Nickel, CEO of Pozio. "We are offering the world's first wireless phone charger that blocks our smartphones from listening to us until we want them to."

Founded with a goal of helping people take back their privacy when using smart devices, Pozio products allow people to use smart devices as intended while providing peace of mind that their activities are not being perpetually monitored. Secure and totally private by design, Pozio devices are simple to set up, do not require an internet connection and never record or store user data.

What is Listening Blocker Technology?

Pozio uses patented technology that works in the background to prevent the always-listening microphones in smart devices from hearing private conversations. Simply place the smartphone in Pozio Cradle to charge the phone and it immediately starts protecting the user's privacy as well. When a user wants to interact with their smart device, with a simple command, "Pozio Stop," users can turn off the sound blocking technology for 30 seconds [1], allowing them to then access, summon and speak commands to their smart assistants as they normally would. With Pozio Cradle, privacy is guaranteed. It never records a person's voice, it has no hard drive and because it's not connected to the internet, there is no way for it to store or share any personal information.

Additional Pozio Cradle features include:

  • Universally compatible with virtually any size phone.[2]
  • Fast Qi wireless charging
  • Unhackable and can't communicate with the cloud. There is no storage therefore no way of recording or storing customer data.
  • Optional voice control (Block & Talk models only)

Pozio Cradle joins the company's growing line of smart device privacy solutions, including the Pozio Shield for smart speakers. The Cradle - Block is priced at USD $109 and Cradle - Block & Talk, which adds voice-controlled deactivation of the listening blocker system is $119.

See the following Frequently Asked Questions about Pozio:

Q: How does it work?
A: Pozio uses patented technology to block the microphone on your smart speaker or smartphone, which in turn prevents your devices from hearing your conversation. When you want your device to start listening again, just say "Pozio stop."

Q: If Pozio can hear the command 'Pozio stop,' how do I know it's not eavesdropping on me?
A: Pozio devices use an embedded speech trigger recognition system that can only hear one command, 'Pozio stop'. Listening for this single command poses absolutely no threat to your privacy because Pozio devices don't connect to the Internet, nor do they have a hard drive to record or store your information. The only service this command offers is to pause blocking for 30 seconds if you choose to use it.

Q: Why would people need this?
A:Pozio delivers the best of both worlds: the convenience of smartphones and smart speakers but with full control of your privacy.

Q: What devices are compatible with Pozio?
A: We have a full list of compatible devices on our website www.pozio.com.

Q: Can't people hack Pozio?
A: No. Pozio has no storage, is not connected to the Internet, and by design only understands a single voice command. Pozio can't be hacked any more than your electric toothbrush or toaster can be hacked.

Q: Can't I just turn off the microphone on my smart device or deactivate the smart assistant?
A: You can, but this defeats the purpose of these devices and takes away all of the convenience we rely on them for. We use our devices in spontaneous ways. To ask the weather. To turn off the lights. To play some music. Once they perform their task we go on about our business. Manually turning them on and off just isn't practical. Pozio provides a unique solution in that you can keep your device on, still know your privacy is protected and should you want to know the temperature or set an alarm, just say "Pozio Stop." A simple solution that lets you use your smart devices as intended.

To learn more about Pozio, visit the company's website at www.pozio.com. Follow Pozio on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Press Kit: https://pozio-com.myshopify.com/pages/presskit

About Pozio

Founded in 2020 by David Nickel and Bruce Cleland, Vancouver-based Pozio is helping people take back their privacy when using smart devices with its proprietary listening blocker technology. Pozio products, including Pozio Shield for smart speakers and Pozio Cradle for smartphones, allow smart devices to be used as intended while providing peace of mind that activities and conversations are not being perpetually monitored. Secure and totally private by design, Pozio devices are simple to set up, do not require an internet connection and never record or store user data.

Press Contact:
Michael Farino, Lightspeed PR/M for Pozio

[1] The listening blocking technology on all Pozio devices, except for the base model Cradle Block, can be deactivated using the "Pozio Stop" wake word.
[2] Pozio does not currently support foldable phones.