Freshly Prepared Meals Meet Tech: Nasoya, with Parent Company, Pulmuone and Yo-Kai Express to Feature Robotic Food Platform at 2022's Consumer Electronics Show
Asian-inspired brands and food tech startup bring on-demand recipes to Las Vegas

AYER, Mass. and FULLERTON, Calif., Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Nasoya, the country's #1 brand of tofu and a leading maker of plant-based Asian-inspired foods, and its parent company, Pulmuone, one of the largest tofu companies in the world, are getting a high-tech upgrade.  Teaming up with Yo-Kai Express, the revolutionary high-tech company known for innovating the autonomous restaurant to serve gourmet food on demand 24/7, the companies will be sampling three different dishes through Yo-Kai Express' patented robotic platform at the upcoming 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

"Marrying a tech platform with authentic, restaurant-quality meals may seem like a surprising collaboration, but we see this as a natural extension of our goal to introduce more consumers to the plant-based and Asian-inspired foods space, showing them how delicious, healthy and versatile these foods can be," said Sung Yoon Nam, Vice President of Marketing at Nasoya. "With the innovative platform of Yo-Kai, we're closer to putting plant-based and Asian-inspired dishes just a button away at any shopping mall, college campus, hotel, airport or other out-of-home experience where consumers want healthy meals on-the-go."

Ready in under 60 seconds with just the touch of a button, the robotic food platform will offer the following bowls throughout CES from January 5-7 at booth #53758 at The Venetian Convention and Expo Center.

  • Nasoya Plantspired Steak Rice Bowl – Initially debuted at fast-casual healthy rice bowl chain, WaBa Grill, Nasoya's high-protein Plantspired Steak is plant-based, made with simple ingredients, marinated then charcoal grilled for a sweet and savory flavor. The bowl offered at CES features Plantspired Steak complemented by vegetables and rice.
  • Nasoya Plantspired Classic Bolognese Spaghetti Bowl – The unique offering with Yo-Kai Express serves up Nasoya's popular Plantspired Classic Bolognese Organic Meal Solution over spaghetti. Featuring protein-packed, super firm tofu crumbles combined with vegetables and simmered in a tomato and red wine sauce the dish is a new twist on a classic recipe.
  • Pulmuone Beef Bulgogi Udon Bowl A spin on the traditional Korean dish, Pulmuone's Beef Bulgogi Udon combines perfectly-sliced, marinated USDA choice beef, veggies and fresh udon noodles tossed in a savory-sweet sauce. The offering at CES incorporates additional veggies including onions, carrots, celery and zucchini for a complete meal.

Yo-Kai Express' robotic platform serves gourmet dishes such as hot ramen and rice bowls on demand. Yo-Kai Express machines are currently available nationwide at many different sectors from universities, hotels, hospitals, factories, airports and Fortune 500 offices.

"We are excited to be exhibiting at CES and look forward to showcasing how we are breaking the traditional food barriers with our autonomous dining solutions with near zero food waste for everyone to enjoy delicious meals anytime and anywhere," said Amanda Tsung, COO of Yo-Kai Express. "Collaborating with Nasoya to offer these recipes was a natural fit for us to answer the growing demand for plant-based and globally inspired dishes."

Pulmuone is one of the largest healthy food manufacturers in Asia and has introduced its rich tradition in America through its own brand of dumplings and noodles as well as through additional brands including Nasoya.

Nasoya recently announced its expansion into food service through new accounts with WaBa Grill and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and these new offerings with Yo-Kai Express at CES highlight the brand's continued efforts to collaborate with innovative partners to offer its plant-based and Asian-inspired dishes to more and more consumers.

Nasoya's Plantspired line of convenient meal solutions, including Classic Bolognese Organic Meal Solutions, is available at retailers nationwide. Nasoya's Plantspired Steak, which initially launched with WaBa Grill, is expected to be available at grocery stores this spring.

Pulmuone Foods USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pulmuone South Korea, is home to a family of brands that includes a wide variety of delicious products inspired by contemporary flavor palates that encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Amid the growing global demand for plant-based protein food, Pulmuone Foods USA is leading the US tofu market with a nearly 70 percent market share with beloved brands like Nasoya and Wildwood. Pulmuone brands also include Emerald Valley Kitchen, Monterey Gourmet Foods and a line of Pulmuone-branded Asian-inspired products available at mass grocery stores and major club channels throughout the United States. For more information, visit

For over 40 years, Nasoya has been a leading provider of natural and organic foods. Part of the family of brands at Pulmuone, a company synonymous with authentic, wholesome products and the highest quality of ingredients, Nasoya believes in creating great-tasting, healthy, convenient snacks and meals for every eating occasion. Product offerings include tofu, high-protein tofu, Kimchi, Kimchi Relish, Asian-Style Vegan Wraps, Asian Noodle Kits & Dumplings, low calorie/low carb Pasta Zero noodles, and a variety of Plantspired products including TofuBaked, Toss'ables, Superfood Skillets and many more. Learn more at, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram!

Yo-Kai Express (YKE) is a rapidly growing global food tech startup with offices in Northern California, Japan and Taiwan. YKE is redefining gourmet autonomous restaurant solutions using patented technology it developed to perform last-mile cooking of an array of both hot and cold, savory and sweet menu selections. YKE first launched robotic platform, built for high-traffic areas such as airports and ski resorts, in 2018, offering items as steaming hot bowls of Tonkotsu ramen 24 hours a day and in under a minute. For more information,

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