CLROBUR receives CES Innovation Award for its 3D UAM/UTM GCP for the second consecutive year

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- CLROBUR, a member of Born2Global Centre, received the CES Innovation Award for its second consecutive year at CES 2022, held in New York. The company has been participating in the Born2Global Centre-led effort to create an innovation ecosystem for free economic zones.

At CES 2022, CLROBUR received the award for DROW (DROWay), a 3D map-based urban air traffic management (UATM) technology, in the category of autonomous flight ground control platform (GCP) for urban air mobility (UAM). DROW, a platform equipped with diverse telecommunications protocols, is applicable to many different kinds of drones, and was developed by CLROBUR using cloud-based AI technology. By offering services related to urban traffic management (UTM)—a web-based 3D/4D GCP— CLROBUR is establishing a next-generation platform in which an infinite number of autonomous flights can be integrated and controlled. The company has continued to obtain patents and trademark rights in order to protect its industrial property.

Furthermore, CLROBUR has provided its AI-integrated ground control platform technology to Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI), which is using it for drone control with hydrogen-powered drones.

CLROBUR possesses the drone integrated control system and technologies necessary for operating indoor mini-drone swarms as well as a drone art show. With such technologies, the company will become a leading platform for indoor/outdoor swarm flights, AI-based multi-heterogeneous mobility control, and autonomous flights. DROW has also been proven to have great potential for military applications. The use of military drones armed with mini-missiles is expected to increase the combat power of ground troops and protect military personnel from harm. In May 2020, the company qualified to be a supplier for the U.S. Federal Government and United States Forces Korea.

CLROBUR is headquartered in Incheon Startup Park and has an R&D center in Siheung Baegot Techno Valley and an office in Magok, a district in Seoul that focuses on R&D. The company has also been participating in the establishment of a control system for liquid hydrogen-fueled drones and mobile charging stations in the Chungnam Hydrogen Energy Conversion Regulatory Free Zone, an area designated for the testing, demonstration, and development of regulated technologies.

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