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Visible Light Communication Endeavor WhyHow Debuts at CES 2020

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- WhyHow, a rising start-up in the visible light communication (VLC) industry, made its first appearance on the international stage at CES 2020 Las Vegas. WhyHow specializes in VLC technology and its application in the field of augmented reality (AR), a future trend with high expectations and potential. 

WhyHow at CES 2020

WhyHow's booth at CES 2020 received a great deal of attention, attracting over two thousand visitors in the first two hours of the exhibition. At the booth, attendees had the chance to experience WhyHow's positioning technology through on-site demos. Signs, paths and booth information were displayed through AR glasses to help attendees navigate around the vast and crowded halls free of stress. The navigation experience is made possible by Quicmo, WhyHow's intelligent LED module, which connects to the glasses via visible light and constantly recalibrates the user's position and posture to provide accurate AR graphics.

"The future trend of AR is in the integration of AI technology and the environment. AR should not only be able to locate objects in the real world but also be able to learn and show more information about them," said Jiangliang Li, Founder of WhyHow.

Compared to conventional positioning technologies, such as GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, VLC has substantial advantages in precision, range, and cost, especially in an indoor environment. Based on experimental results, robots equipped with VLC navigation units perform much like those with conventional units, but usually cost 60% less. Quicmo aims to bring changes to exciting technological innovations, such as virtual fences, drone package delivery, the Internet of Things, and AR mapping. 

About WhyHow
Founded in 2017, WhyHow is a start-up enterprise focusing on visible light communication (VLC) and positioning technology. With over 170 patents, WhyHow aims to provide a whole new vision for a future business world in which impossible things become common. WhyHow's latest product, Quicmo, combines computational vision, VLC, and space positioning with self-developed algorithms. As a result, Quicmo is capable of exchanging information about the object's posture and position within centimeters.


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