Mixtile Limited introduces Mixtile Edge and Mixtile Link - Customizable Al-Powered and Privacy- Assured Smart Home Solutions at CES 2020

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mixtile Limited, a leading smart home technology company in China, presented its latest products at CES 2020, including Mixtile Edge and Mixtile Link.  

People interested in Mixtile Edge and Mixtile Link.

Mixtile Limited develops and sells Smart Home controller systems and solutions that functionally enhance and improve device access and data security as well as reduce system response time.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2020 (CES2020) was a great success for Mixtile. Through its commitment to simplify users' lives with truly simple, swift, and ultimately secure intelligent automation tools, Mixtile have announced the latest Mixtile products and solutions for a variety of applications. Mixtile Edge and Mixtile Link will join the Mixtile Hub to Mixtile line of products. Additionally, Mixtile also exhibits its newest IoT solutions for smart homes, hotels, and nursing houses. 

Mixtile Hub, was built with privacy, reliability, and flexibility in mind. Mixtile Edge and Link are no different. Both products exhibit the same features that many users love from the Mixtile Hub, such as local processing, local storage, high compatibility, etc. In addition to these features, Mixtile Edge and Link will come with two more important features: Network Expansion and Artificial Intelligence. 

"Unlike any smart home gateways in the market, Mixtile Edge and Link allow you to build a reliable, secured, and fast Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) network over a much larger space such as villas, mansions, apartment buildings." Martin, CEO of Mixtile Limited, said at CES. "With Mixtile Edge as the brain AIoT network, you can connect any number of Mixtile Links to it to expand your network coverage. All your private data will still be processed and saved locally. "

As a company, Mixtile Limited is fully committed to offering smart home controllers, products, and solutions that not only make life better and simpler but also prioritize users' privacy and security. Mixtile offers custom smart home and building solutions through its hardware and software platforms and solutions that are tailored to provide users with interconnected systems that improve convenience, efficiency, safety, and security.

Since 2016, Mixtile has evolved with a focus on IoT, hardware development, open source applications, and smart home products. The company conducts research and development of smart home products and platforms as well as designing, manufacturing and marketing the complete Mixtile Smart Home products and solutions.


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