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DeepRoute Debuts Innovative Autonomous Vehicle Technology at CES
CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree to Debut Self-Driving Vehicle Technology in Las Vegas, including vehicle-grade computing platform solution, High Dynamic Range Camera and ADS Synchronization Controller

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Jan. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- DeepRoute, an international self-driving startup and CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree, today announced it will be debuting three innovative technologies at CES 2020 including a vehicle-grade computing platform solution, DeepRoute-Tite, High Dynamic Range camera and ADS Synchronization Controller. The company will be located at Booth no. 25647 at South Hall 2 LVCC throughout the show.

"It is an honor to be joining international innovators at CES 2020," said Shuang Gao, Chief Operating Officer of DeepRoute. "We've worked hard over the last year to perfect our technologies and reinforce the safety of autonomous vehicles. We are excited to unveil the fruits of our team's hard work, creativity and talent to the world at the prestigious and highly anticipated global technology show." 

DeepRoute-Tite, the company's computing platform solution that migrates the algorithm required for L4 level autonomous driving to the vehicle-level computing platform, NVIDIA Xavier, significantly reducing the cost, size and power consumption down to 45 watts. DeepRoute's computing platform solution uses NIVIDIA's vehicle-specific computing platform Xavier to process L4 level autonomous driving modules such as perception, prediction, decision-making, planning and control, along with navigation.

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Along with the debut of the computing platform, DeepRoute will be launching its first-generation vehicle camera, DeepRoute-Vision. The vehicle camera has a higher dynamic range than other products on the market, allowing optimal performance even under bright sunlight or from within a dark tunnel. Designed to handle LED bulb flicker, the camera can also accurately capture information displayed on LED screens. The vehicle camera will be on display and demonstrated by DeepRoute representatives at the show.

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DeepRoute also plans to unveil its second-generation ADS Synchronization Controller, DeepRoute-Syntric. The ADS controller can synchronize information from different types of sensors, enabling the perception algorithm to process sensor data aligned in the same standard. In the event that the sensors malfunction, the ADS controller can take control of the vehicle and perform emergency tasks such as braking.

The company recently announced the availability of DeepRoute Sense, their driving sensing solution technology which will be on display at the show alongside their Level 4 full-stack self-driving technology using a demo vehicle with an independently designed roof box equipped with 8 vehicle cameras, 3 LiDARs, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and a series of other sensors.

Visit DeepRoute at Booth no. 25647 at South Hall 2 LVCC, or learn more at

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About DeepRoute: DeepRoute is an international startup focused on developing level-four autonomous driving technologies. DeepRoute was founded by a highly experienced team with a track record of technological innovation in multiple companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Ford. The company operates out of research centers located in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Silicon Valley, California. For more information about DeepRoute, visit the company website at

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