MONIT to Feature Smart Baby Monitor at CES 2019

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- MONIT, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, will be unveiling a product at the CES 2019 that enables users to check the state of a baby's diaper via smart phone.


The smart baby care solution “MONIT”

The smart baby care solution "MONIT"

MONIT, a company that specializes in smart baby care solutions, will be participating in CES 2019 (the world's largest technology expo) in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11, 2019, to display its "MONIT" smart baby monitor.

MONIT's smart baby monitor is comprised of a diaper monitor, air quality measurement hub, and exclusive mobile app and is capable of monitoring the state of a baby's diaper, the humidity and temperature of the baby's surroundings, and VOC gas. It can ascertain the baby's condition as well as the characteristics of his/her surroundings using a non-confining method that does not require contact with the baby's skin, thus helping prevent various diaper-related problems and issues that arise due to environmental conditions that are not conducive to the baby's health. The monitor also reduces the stress levels of the parents, because it partially frees them from having to constantly worry about their baby. The exclusive app for the monitor can be installed and operated on up to five devices simultaneously, making childcare more of a team effort.

MONIT's smart baby monitor was initially released in Korea in July, and the company is now preparing to release the product in foreign markets (United States, China, Japan, etc.).

Founded in April 2017, MONIT is a startup that began at Samsung Electronics' C-Lab. MONIT's goal is to utilize IT to improve our understanding and care of babies. The company consistently updates and creates more services and technologies, in addition to its smart baby monitor, for babies and caretakers alike. Going forward, it will continue expanding the business areas in which it is active.

MONIT's smart baby monitor is available for demonstration at the Sands, Hall G-53130 (Eureka Park).

The company's demo will take place at the Sands, Hall G-53130 (Eureka Park) from Jan. 8th - Jan.11th 2019. 

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