New Breast Pump Makes Dreams Of Mobility And More Sleep Reality

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Jan. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- At CES next week in Las Vegas, perhaps the smartest product that will be introduced to the world's media will help users collect not data, but zzz's while it performs its primary task. Dao Health is introducing the world's first breast pump that will enable moms to enjoy more sleep while they are pumping breast milk. With this ingeniously simple feature, moms won't have to worry about the pump running too long if they accidentally or intentionally doze off.

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The market's leading innovator of discreet breast pumps, maker of Freemie and Fitmie brand hands free and concealable systems and accessories, says the new Freemie Liberty mobile breast pump contains a programmable sleep timer, allowing mom to program the pump to shut off at the end of her pumping session, then recline and shut her eyes while the pump runs. For years, the need to stay awake to pump has been the bane of sleep-deprived moms juggling work, household chores and the needs of a new baby. Exhausted moms can now look forward to pumping, rather than dreading it.

"With the success of our patented Freemie cups beginning in 2013, we saw that our unique features made many, many good things possible for moms that were impossible before with traditional breast pumps. In 2013, being able to pump anywhere, around anyone was truly revolutionary. But one huge observation that struck us almost immediately is that desperately sleep deprived moms were forcing themselves to stay awake to pump because the equipment is held by hand. We knew we could do something really big to help. Now, with our cups and the new Freemie Liberty pump, moms can actually plan to take a nap while they pump," said Dan Garbez, CEO of Dao Health.

Dao Health knows this feature will be an important part of the ongoing seismic shift in infant feeding practices and attitudes in modern economies where women often work outside the home, but still desire to give their babies breast milk. Stella Dao, MD, Freemie inventor and co-founder of the company, felt strongly that even a little extra sleep is an important benefit to give to a new mom, since it is so beneficial to a mother's milk production and her overall well-being. "We know that the normal release of hormones during the milk letdown reflex can make moms sleepy. When breastfeeding, many mothers fall asleep with their babies. Now mothers can do the same thing naturally with the Freemie milk collection system since our cups are hands free and so comfortable," said Dr. Dao.

The arrival of the new Freemie Liberty Mobile Breast Pump has been highly anticipated for another more obvious reason, however. Ever since Freemie was introduced and pumping while clothed became a real option, users have been begging for mobility. The company's founders had already sensed this pent-up demand, and have been working on the mobility concept for more than a decade. The primary goal was to develop a mobile solution that is as effective as hospital pumps while preserving and improving on the Freemie system's essential advantages - comfort, ease of use and versatility. Freemie Liberty is a compact, rechargeable hospital strength pump that comes with the newest closed system version of the wildly popular and lightweight Freemie cups, which do not require use of any disposables. The pump's functions are highly customizable, with more than a hundred different settings to choose from, and three different programmable memory buttons so the user can save their favorite settings for easy one touch access. The new closed system Freemie cups are simpler to assemble and very easy to clean. The pump can fit in a small bag or even a pocket, and includes a detachable belt clip, so the user has a variety of wardrobe options for added customization of her pumping experience.

The pump also employs patent-pending noise reduction technology, making it unnoticeable over the background noise in most environments. Breast pump noise is a source of irritation and embarrassment for many women. These new quieter pumps will allow women to comfortably pump whenever and wherever they need to.

Various packages of the Freemie mobile pumps will be in US big box retail and online beginning this month, priced around $300. A less expensive version of the new pump with fewer features but the same hospital strength motor, sold as the Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump, is shipping now and will be available through major US insurance providers in January or early February. The new Liberty pump will also be available in select international markets by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

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