TENZR, the next generation gesture recognition wrist-band for VR AR, to be presented at CES 2018

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Vancouver-based startup BioInteractive Technologies Inc. has developed TENZR:  the only accurate, hands-free, camera-free, wrist-worn gesture recognition controller for VR AR.

TENZR band

For the last three years the company has focused on developing an easy to use, comfortable, accurate, and reliable gesture recognition wearable that will help replace current mobile VR AR controllers. This innovative product will provide a more immersive experience to users by freeing the hand from holding bulky button-based controllers.

TENZR's new design is aimed at developers and early adopters that are interested in building and interfacing with systems that have Bluetooth connectivity.  Its new design is comfortable, easy to use, and has a similar form factor to Fitbit Charge.

Out of the box, the band will have the capability to detect 6 hand gestures (left, right, up, down, hand open, hand close) without the need for calibration. The product does not require any training, saving the user time and resulting in a plug and play solution for customers to connect to any VR AR system.

Applications for TENZR:

  • Mobile or standalone VR: replaces the handheld controller
  • AR: the band complements voice-enabled smart glasses
  • Mixed Reality: it frees the user from having to lift their hand up to the field of view of the camera in the headset. For example, with Microsoft HoloLens

Meet us at CES for a first-hand experience with TENZR!  Attendants at CES will be able to see TENZR being used for the first time as a hardware agnostic VR AR Controller.

We will be located at Eureka Park, Sands, Hall G - 50915 and at Cypress Booth (MP25365).

Hope to see you all there!

CONTACT:  Jose Fernandez Villasenor, (408) 836-7383  


SOURCE BioInteractive Technologies Inc.