Bioworld Merchandising, Inc. Announces New IoT and Incubator Division, One61 Studio
One61 Studio and its exciting collection of officially-licensed tech will launch at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show

DALLAS, Dec. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Bioworld Merchandising, Inc., the industry leader in delivering officially-licensed products for the top entertainment brands to all levels of retail distribution, announced the launch of One61 Studio, its new IoT division focused on deepening the fan experience through smart, connected, and wearable pop culture-themed products and gadgets.

The Superhero Smartwatch Collection offers a “gamified” interactive experience with popular superheroes including Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman.

Bridging the gap between pop culture fandom and technology was a natural next step for the company known for providing consumers with officially-licensed merchandise from the comics, video games, and movies they love for over two decades.

"With the pervasive blending of tech into every facet of daily life, Bioworld needed to be the first to disrupt its own industry of licensed apparel and accessories," said Shawn Stauffer, Chief Technology Officer of Bioworld Merchandising. "Initially to do this we searched for technology partners, but their price points and timelines did not meet our needs, so we created our own solution, One61 Studio."

Bioworld began its foray into the tech sector in early 2017, with the introduction of foundmi collectible Bluetooth trackers. Featuring characters from DC Comics, Star Wars, and Marvel, foundmi trackers are a fun way for fans to keep tabs on commonly misplaced items. Under One61, Bioworld will expand the foundmi brand to include trackable wallets and luggage trackers.

One61 products also set to debut at CES include Batman and The Flash-themed smartwatches, a voice-enabled smart glove that provides the wearer with hands-free control of music and phone calls, and Kaptur, a smart hat featuring an app controlled screen where wearers can display their favorite photos, memes, and gifs.

Bioworld's ability to deliver a richer fan experience through One61 Studio is made possible in-part by partnerships with established and emerging startups and makers. For instance, Kaptur smart hats are a collaboration with Say Technology. Say developed the innovative app and screen technology, and One61 provided over 15 years of headwear production expertise.

Foundmi luggage trackers were born from a strategic partnership and are powered by LugTrack's patented intelligent tracking technology.

"At LugTrack, we've accomplished a lot as a smaller team, but with that accomplishment comes growth and demand," explained LugTrack President & CEO, Michael Allen. "Our partnership with One61 has provided us with instant access to industry's top licensed brands and creative minds. We're excited to bring our technology to extend the foundmi product line."

Bioworld's One61 division will also function as an incubator of sorts, providing burgeoning makers with the resources they need to bring their concepts to life -- from prototype fabrication and scalable manufacturing to sales distribution. Bioworld also plans to partner with investors and other incubators, stepping in to fill in any remaining gaps fledgling makers need to get off the ground.

"During the early stages of One61's development, it was clear to us that our new IoT division should celebrate great ideas and inspire continuous innovation," added Stauffer. "We look forward to partnering with more startups and entrepreneurs, providing them with access to Bioworld's network of proven and time-tested resources."

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The IoT division of Bioworld Merchandising, Inc., One61, is propelling officially-licensed products and apparel into the future. Each One61 innovation can be licensed to provide a fully-immersive fan experience unlike any other. For more information, visit


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