GreenMe Is Launching their Connected Cube at CES 2018 to Help Employers Improve Environment in Work Spaces

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- French Internet-of-Things startup GreenMe is bringing their analytical system to the North American market to help property management companies and business executives create positive energy environment in business facilities.

The ultimate goal of the GreenMe is to offer a comprehensive tool to monitor, analyze and create comfortable work conditions in offices around the globe. The benefits for employers from utilizing the system include a decrease in the number of sick leaves, higher levels of employee retention/job satisfaction, and increased productivity.

The system consists of small Internet-connected cubes with built-in sensors, an API, mobile app, and a web-based dashboard. The cubes placed on desktops measure 10 parameters related to health and comfort of employees (including temperature, air quality, humidity, noise, and lighting) and send the data to the central hub.

The client receives the analytics, alerts, and regular reports. By overlaying this data with employee production metrics, or Human Resource information, managers can get a clear view of which environmental hazards are harming employee productivity and make timely adjustments. In addition, GreenMe collects users' feedback in order to take into account the human perception when applying changes. This is a plug&play service that does not require a connection to the company's private network.

"We aim to promote employee-centric office design to make people happier at work. By improving the working environment, we want to promote employee engagement, creativity, and productivity. GreenMe will help our customers to create data-driven modifications to lower operational costs, and optimize the space for the well-being of their employees," said the company's CEO Alexandre Dugarry.

Up–to-date, approximately 1,500 devices have been installed in 80 offices in Europe. The GreenMe is expected to hit the U.S. market in the second quarter of 2018 with a price tag starting at $100 a year. The price includes the hardware and a subscription service.

GreenMe is launching their service in North America at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with will be held on January 9-12 in Las Vegas. The visitors will have an opportunity to see the device in action at booth 50863 in Eureka Park Marketplace (Sands, Level 1).

French IoT startup was founded in 2012 to capitalize on the opportunities brought by the latest technological innovations. The founders aim to make workplaces around the globe employee-friendly by offering the tools to improve the indoor environment in office buildings. Their award-winning system GreenMe has been employed by a number of European businesses and now, is ready for a launch in North America.

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