Figigantic Electronic Co., Ltd Accelerates the Layout of Smart Ecology and Triggers the Most Popular Global Black Technology Feast

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Along with the fast development of Artificial Intelligence, the era of IoT finally takes off its veil. At the CES, international and domestic brands such as Baidu, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, all demonstrated their latest Artificial Intelligence products. As the leading platform smart hardware enterprise of China, Figigantic Electronic Co., Ltd also attended CES. With the theme of "Near You and Understand You", it demonstrated the leading IoT CC+Smart Cloud Platform and platform robots such as Ci Ci and Magic Mirror. The Platform Smart Hardware and Artificial Intelligence IoT Ecology integrating with various technical innovations demonstrated the conveniences and brand new experiences brought by the latest technologies of the smart era.

Robot Ci Ci, the Artificial Intelligence product, is the key member of the Figigantic platform smart hardware system. Before this, Figigantic had already developed a number of platform smart hardware, such as the Magic Light Robot and Magic Mirror Robot, as the smart full marketing platform for sectors, such as homes, hotels, retail, agriculture, fishery and commerce. Ci Ci is good at talking with people and is "lovely, cool and smart". Adopting Artificial Intelligence techniques, it is able to perform a number of pragmatic functions. While enjoying the smart services, the users are able to experience the glamour of high-end technology. It performs the functions of high definition screen, remote control, language interaction and ROS platform. Not only is it able to perform the functions of household butler, security guard, intimate secretary, family care, children's education and entertainmentit is also involved in the daily life and work scenarios, and provides one-stop smart and high-quality life for medium and high end homes. As the smart hardware connector, the Figigantic platform smart hardware, represented by Ci Ci, is deeply involved in the physical enterprises of homes, hotels retail, commerce, agriculture and fishery, as well as public areas such as hospitals, financial organizations, airports and high-speed trains. It integrates the data between different sectors, share resources, and assists hundreds of sectors and businesses in building the commercial applications of smart hardware contextualization. Upon its appearance at CES, Ci Ci attracted a large number of famous media and enterprise representatives to stop over and experience the fun of interacting with robots. Many cooperation intentions have been achieved on site.  

Viewing the development trends at the 2017 CES science and technology sector, we can see that Artificial Intelligence has become the foundation of CES products. There are unprecedented changes from smart automobiles to smart robots. A growing number of technical enterprises hope to get a head start in taking the dominant position in Artificial Intelligence. The large number of platform smart equipment and hardware under Figigantic Electronic Co., Ltd move fast in building up the IoT Micro-Ecology System through wireless connection series, set up the scenario interaction and smart scenario contextualization business models, through the diversified platform of smart hardware contextualization solutions. This symbolizes that Figigantic Electronic Co., Ltd has initiated its layout of the ecological strategy centering on smart hardware.      

As the leading company in the IoT sector, Figigantic Electronic Co., Ltd actively creates layouts in the IoT Ecological Strategy, develops the smart hardware with Artificial Intelligence technology as the industrialization breakthrough, implements the integrated planning, and combines data, computing, hardware and contents. Relying on the open CC+Smart Cloud Platform, it applies the platform smart hardware into various fields, provides integrated smart hardware & scenario solutions for hundreds of sectors and businesses, constructs the smart scenario business service application ecosphere, and builds up the smart business service ecological platform featuring openness, trust and win-win.

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