BLITZ and Faraday Future launch advanced digital ecosystem enabled by new client / agency paradigm
--Seamless integration across engineering, creative, brand and marketing--

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Full-service and digitally-led creative agency BLITZ recently launched the new global website for Faraday Future  ( ) for the reveal of FF 91 ("nine one"), their first production vehicle that was unveiled at a special keynote January 3rd via live stream at and on-display at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show January 5-8.

Part of a seamless collaboration with Faraday Future, the integration of bold creative, advanced web and 3D technology fused with a digital-first strategy has produced the foundation of a unique digital ecosystem of site and mobile experiences that educates prospective buyers on the features of the electric vehicle while laying the groundwork for ownership. Owners will ultimately be able to interface with the vehicle in a meaningful and smart way, while directly managing and controlling vehicle features in a personalized manner.

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"The vision is to create one global, digital product ecosystem that flows seamlessly between all devices and the vehicle. Whether you are learning as a new customer or managing your vehicle, it should always feel like you are interacting with the brand's operating system - everything should be as useful as it is provocative," says Ken Martin, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at BLITZ. "It speaks to our unique approach when working with clients like Faraday Future, who turn challenges, such as reinventing mobility, into opportunities, with new ways of thinking."

To lay the groundwork for the web products, BLITZ spent the first three months in-house with Faraday Future, collaborating on the vehicle's User Interface to establish a common visual language and UX (User Experience) that can extend across the whole digital ecosystem.

"Our tech team has synched with the Faraday Team since the beginning to create something beyond building a vital and groundbreaking vehicle," says Martin. "This fully-integrated way of working together with no agency/client boundaries opens so many opportunities of what is and can be possible."

Inspirations to work with BLITZ include:

  • Early shared insights between agency and client at the deepest level with focus on achieving a digital-first objective
  • Agreement on zero agency/client boundaries during the manufacturing and creative process to enable speed and efficiency in innovation and problem-solving
  • A careful and calculated approach to leveraging new technology and creative digital strategies while balancing scalability, security and infrastructure

"We're willing to take risks as a team and, with that, comes responsibility, which is why we have enjoyed and respected the approach of BLITZ," says Ian Televik, Head of Social and Digital Marketing at Faraday Future. "Our relationship reflects the way we want to work with all of our partners."

Built upon the company's Variable Platform Architecture (VPA), FF 91 represents a bold new breed of electric mobility that combines supercar performance, precise handling, the comfort of an ultra-luxury passenger vehicle, and a unique collection of intelligent internet features. Features include:

  • Facial Recognition Technology
  • Driverless Valet Parking Feature: FF 91 can park itself
  • True Keyless Entry: first car where you don't need a key
  • First class experience: NASA-inspired zero gravity seats offer industry leading rear seat reclining position
  • Best in class high-speed internet on the road
  • FFID: global user profile that travels with the user through the FF Ecosystem

BLITZ is an award-winning, full-service, digital creative agency that believes being a favorite brand has more value than just being a famous one. Founded in 2001, the agency crafts beautiful and useful connected ecosystems for clients that include Disney, TaylorMade, Microsoft, Faraday Future, Kaiser Permanente, FX, Dole and Mattel, to name a few. BLITZ has 250 employees, is headquartered in Los Angeles and has offices in New York and Boston. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter or subscribe to our WHY Report.

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