NetEase's Twilight Pioneers Exhibits at CES 2017 and Vision VR/AR Summit Asia

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- At the world's largest consumer electronics show - CES 2017, leading global consumer electronics makers and IT companies showcase their latest and coolest gadgets. As a prominent game developer, NetEase was invited to exhibit at this year's CES and wowed attendees with Twilight Pioneers, the company's first virtual reality game that was mounted on Huawei handsets for trial play.

From being selected among the first batch of VR games to debut on Google Daydream to exhibiting at CES2017, Twilight Pioneers attests to major breakthroughs NetEase has achieved in VR gaming technologies. UploadVR rated Twilight Pioneers as "A Fun Google Daydream Action RPG That Channels Zelda", while 2P claimed "It Could Be The Most Anticipated VR ARPG".

First-time players of the game praised it for the way it exploited the full potential of Daydream. In particular, they highlighted the way the game brought a first-person view in VR to an ARPG game, as well as the freedom of movement in the game, the sword fighting and variety of weapons available. In displaying the trademark top-quality graphics and addictive gameplay of a NetEase-developed game, Twilight Pioneers demonstrates NetEase Games' ability to expand its outstanding development capabilities into new gaming platforms. More success is sure to come for Twilight Pioneers.

At the recent Vision VR/AR Summit held in Beijing, NetEase's Senior Technical Manager Wendi Shen shared VR game development experience learned while developing Twilight Pioneers, NetEase's first VR game for Google's VR headset Daydream View.

Wendi Shen described how the NetEase development team successfully addressed the bugbear of VR software development, motion sickness. The team utilized a technology called Dynamic Field-of-View Modification that allows players to move around in the game more comfortably, which also improves focus within the game by reducing color contrasts.

The highlight of the summit for Twilight Pioneers received the highest number of votes from an expert panel to win the Experts' Choice Award of Asia. The game will go on to represent Asia in the global awards competition at the next VR/AR Summit in 2017 in the USA.

Of course, gamers are the ultimate judges. Since its debut, Twilight Pioneers has received incredibly positive feedback from gamers for its revolutionary virtual reality experience and high quality graphics. If you are at CES, go check out for yourself at the Huawei VR exhibition booth in Central Hall. To find more about Twilight Pioneers, please visit:

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