KDX shows off Glasses-free 3D Products at CES

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest and most influential consumer electronics tradeshow in the world, was held January 5-8, 2017,  in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. More than 4000 world-famous companies including Huawei and Microsoft participated in the tradeshow, which attracted more than 160,000 visitors. The world-famous polymer material company and glasses-free 3D industry leader Kangdexin (KDX)  had a solid showing at CES, building a large exhibition stand on site to show its glasses-free 3D products, smart magic mirrors and TouchFound series.

KDX's large stand was located at 36400#, South No.4 Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center. Themed as "We bring reality", KDX vividly and clearly showed its core technologies and innovation achievements. At CES, KDX presented its new-tech products and achievements in 9 categories, boasting a stand full of "technical sense and modernization sense".

On the first day of CES, KDX stand was visited by a large number of both clients and visitors. Executives from world-famous companies like Kodak, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Qualcomm, HP, Skyworth,Changhong, Google, Toshiba, TCL, IGT, KOHLS, Chicago Museum of Science and Industry and Unowth visited the KDX stand, and expressed their interest in KDX glasses-free solutions and large-format touch screens, further discussing commercial cooperation and plans to strengthen cooperation in this field.

(Figure 3: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
Executives from Google visited the Kangdexin booth.

Among 9 categories of products shown by KDX at CES were the world's largest 3*3*55" glasses-free 3D video wall, the world's largest 85" single-screen glasses-free 3D TV set, third-generation glasses-free 3D switchable lenticular products laptops and PAD, as well as Internet-based products like smart magic mirror and TouchFound.

(Figure 4: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
KDX 3*3*55" glasses-free 3D video wall

(Figure 5: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
KDX glasses-free 3D products series

KDX third-generation glasses-free 3D solutions highlight multiview, 2D/3D switchabilityexcellent 3D imaging quality, 2D definition loss-free, 2D depth format and depth adjustability. The integration of an eye tracking algorithm ensures perfect stereoscopic display effect, and the latest XYZ weaving technology allows viewers to watch 3D at a short distance without any dizziness.

(Figure 6: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
KDX's latest XYZ weaving technology

(Figure 7: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
KDX third-generation glasses-free 3D technologies

(Figure 8: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
KDX interactive glasses-free 3D solutions

As the revolutionary technology in the consumer electronics industry, the third-generation technology demonstrates KDX's domination in glasses-free 3D field, and also points out the direction for the industry in China or even the world.

(Figure 9: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
KDX smart touch screen

(Figure 10: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
KDX's world-largest 98" capacitive touch screen

KDX smart magic mirror is a smart product combining magic mirror and APP. Integrating body scanning, body fatness estimation and face recognition into human body 3D modeling algorithm, KDX smart magic mirror highlights 1080P ultra HD display and world-class antioxidant electroplated HD mirror surface. The smart magic mirror records family logs, provides customized health schemes and personalized fashion consulting; and can reshape the service scenario via providing users with gymnasium and boutique health data management and smart mirror surface interaction, so as to offer professional health interaction solutions for the health industry.

(Figure 11: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
KDX smart magic mirror

TouchFound is a smart selling machine, adopting a 55" HD touch screen, Intel+Win platform architecture and industrial-grade 4G router, and push slideway + pantilt design, realizing full-range good sales. Moreover, TouchFound provides a smart interaction system, offering users management tools to set up goods, channels, pictures, advertising and payment. Its built-in industry-leading large-format touch UI and UE programs ensures an exemplary user experience.

(Figure 12: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
KDX TouchFound

Wu Sheng, the co-founder of Logic Thinking and the presenter of scenario revolution theory, says: "globalization is here to stay. As the new material technology leader, KDX partners with world-leading technical giant by virtue of its powerful independent innovation strength and patent accumulation. With commercialization capability to form its structural advantage in the world, this company is equipped to flourish in the smart era."

At CES, KDX and Royal Philips signed a strategic agreement to execute strategic cooperation in the glasses-free 3D field. According to the agreement, the parties will jointly develop technologies, share patent pools, and mutually license and share each other's intellectual properties. Philips exclusively licenses its glasses-free 3D IP rights to KDX in mainland China as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

(Figure 13: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
KDX and Philips strategic partnership press release

"Strategically, this sole license will enable KDX to maximize our high volume industrialization of the technology and bring a broad product range to the market, further strengthening KDX's technology and market position in the glasses-free 3D field," says Mr. Zhong Yu, the board chairman of KDX.

Jako Eleveld, the head of intellectual property license at Philips, says: "Our licensed scope covers all glasses-free 3D IPs owned by Philips and KDX. This partnership establishes a solid foundation for our long-term cooperation in the future."

KDX's state-of-the-art exhibits were a hit at CES, attracting attention from both domestic and foreign media. Reporters from mainstream media like NBC, Bloomberg, Tencent, Sohu, Netease and Caijing Magazine visited the KDX stand for on-site experiences, and interviewed Mr. Zhong Yu, the board chairman, and Ms. Xu Shu, CEO of KDX Group to learn more about KDX series products and the company's development strategy.

(Figure 14: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
Bloomberg interviewed Zhong Yu, the board chairman of KDX

(Figure 15: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
China Daily interviewed Xu Shu, CEO of KDX

(Figure 16: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
Digital Review interviewed Zhang Biao, executive vice president of KDX 3D business group and Liu Gang, executive vice president of KDX application business group

(Figure 17: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
Chinese media interviewed Zhong Yu, the board chairman and Xu Shu, CEO of KDX

At CES, KDX was visited by representatives of the relevant government departments. Wu Shengwu, the vice director of Electronic Information Division, Li Ying, the director of Software Division, and Shang Chao, the chief of Information Communication Unit of Electronic Information Division, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, paid a special visit to the KDX stand, praising KDX's achievements and efforts in glasses-free 3D and large-format touch. Wu Shengwu expressed that MIIT Electronic Information Division will continually support leading innovators like KDX, and continually develop the emerging display technologies. Li Ying also expressed the MIIT Software Division's support for KDX in the emerging display field.

(Figure 18: http://www.kangdexin.com/language/en/?url=company/news_show/id/267.html)
Wu Shengwu, the vice director of MIIT Electronic Information Division, Li Ying, the director of MIIT Software Division, and Shang Chao, the chief of Information Communication Unit of MIIT Electronic Information Division visited the KDX stand 

CES 2017 makes KDX glasses-free 3D and large-format touch business further globalized. KDX has developed from a materials manufacturer to an eco-operator, from B2B to B2C, from heavy assets to light assets, from industrial management to eco-operation, making this company even more competitive and providing it with an even larger development range.


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