China's New Human-oriented Technologies at CES 2017

BEIJING, Jan. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CES is the new year of Chinese internet industry and revelry of science and technology media. Nowadays, we can see names of Chinese brands, like Huawei, Mi, TCL, Letv etc. all over the overseas media & websites. The stereotype of Made in China has tremendously changed throughout the world. Besides the intelligent products that are being developed with deep exploration of quality and human-oriented design.

Regarding media focus and industrial appraisal, Chinese products that are competitive in technology and innovative design, have covered an incredible market share globally. Taihuoniao technology Co., Ltd. is the innovative incubator platform in China. Startups incubated by Taihuoniao will get one-stop assistance in product definition, investment, hardware quality control, user experience optimization, marketing promotion and sales channels construction, with which we can take full control of the whole industry chain, and make the creative ecosystem perfect. As you can see, some brands reveal in the list is from Taihuoniao.

  • From up in the sky to under the water, smart ROV FiFish can swim freely under the sea

Now it is easy to have a robot film you swim in the water or to direct a documentary about diving.

FiFish is one of the important Sponsor project from taihuoniao, technology the world's first smart underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), which won the CES 2017 Innovation Award for Drones. The product has several independent technologies, including its underwater propulsion system, underwater camera and lighting system, control system, the telecommunication gear for underwater remote control and real-time display system above water. It can transmit high-resolution images from underwater. With a VR device, a user can totally immerse himself in the zero gravity of underwater.

The key technologies of FiFish and the leading and innovative hydro-mechanic exterior design, interactive experience design, the robot gesture control and 1-inch big target optical lens that create an excellent 4k real-time video effect are the prime reasons for winning the award.

  • Chinese Search Giant Baidu and Ainemo Inc. Introduce the AI Powered Family Robot

"Little Fish" (Xiaoyu Zaijia) is powered by DuerOS, Baidu's AI assistant platform. It takes the user experience to the next level with the addition of a screen that can show visual aids for more engaging user interactions and assistance. Users may interact with "Little Fish" through voice conversations to enjoy music, explore news, get answers, request on-demand services, manage calendars, control home appliances, make video calls and more. Unlike other AI assistants, "Little Fish" features a large screen, which opens up the ability to video chat and stream visual content directly from the device.

  • Optimized smart kitchen details: JUISIR- 90 seconds to make juice and save you from machine cleaning

It's easy to drink juice but it's a headache to clean the juicer. However, a smart kitchen can release wives from heavy house chores.

JUISIR, a cold pressing juicer, has a higher juice yield than its counterparts and it preserves more of the nutrition and enzymes in fruits and vegetables as no heat is generated. The exclusive disposable or recycled plastic bags used with the machine is a special design feature to help users avoid direct contact of fruits and vegetables with the machine as a way to guarantee hygiene and safety and save the trouble of cleaning the machine. The 8-ton pressure inside the machine makes sure the juice is extracted to the greatest extent. Put fruit in the JUISIR and wait for 90 seconds; you'll have a perfect glass of juice. JUISIR will be launched on Kickstarter on January 12, 2017.

  • AI technology makes studying more fun: "The One" smart piano

The ONE Smart Piano connects to mobile device to shorten the piano learning process from months to minutes, making it fun and affordable for everyone to play. It is the first-ever Apple MFi Certified smart piano that teaches you how to play in an easy and fun way. It seamlessly integrates with LED-guided keys, sheet music, video tutorials, and music games so even a beginner can learn to play songs like "Mary Had a Little Lamb" in minutes and classic songs like "Fur Elise" in days.

  • Imagination is the dominator: Has a new trend in VR devices come?

Want to feel the existence of someone in another place? A VR device will make it come true. Deepoon VR, a Chinese VR and internet company has world-leading PC-end and mobile terminals and covers 68% of the domestic market. Deepoon VR AIO has been recognized as the best VR AIO so far and it can be paired to the M-Polaris mobile inter-space positioning system. When paired with a high-end massage chair, the VR helmet can give you the experience of being massaged while surrounded by beauty. The new generation of PC VR helmet, the Deepoon E3, combined with the world's first binocular laser positioning interactive solution.

  • Simpler transportation tool: Fastwheel's Partannimal is the new way

Are you always 10 minutes late no matter how fast you run on the way between subway and bus? Scooters and monocycles have become popular among college students and other young people because they are portable and less likely to be stolen.

Nanjing Fastwheel Technology focuses on short-distance transportation and has brought not only the most popular electric scooter - F0, but also published five new products on CES 2017 Expo. There are two types of electric scooters which are upgraded F0-Q and new design FA, and their types of electric four-wheel skateboard which named Serpent series-W/E/C. W means wind, E represent elegant, C means cute. There are more and more different types product Fastwheel invent to match all kinds needs on short-distance transportation. Either you like high technical products or daily normal products, you have a perfect choose.

  • Unicorn full carbon fiber road bike, latest Unicorn high-end model debut.

"Unicorn "is a full carbon fiber road bike that combines great comfort, excellent controllability, leading lightweight characteristics and aesthetics design. This series contains three models, namely Unicorn Di2, Unicorn Pro and Unicorn X. It is equipped with a new carbon fiber layering technology, VCS, built-in power meter, Speed Force Android,intelligent control and other cutting-edge technologies, making Unicorn an unprecedentedly excellent. Its body only weighs 870g frame, the accuracy rate of Speed power meter reaches 99%.

  • 3D MagicPan, The "3D pancake machine & machine arm" high-tech brings a delicious experience.

"3D MagicPan" is China's first 3D pancake printer. The machine takes in the "ink" that is composed of flour, eggs, water and other raw materials and print pancake with all kinds of pattern within 1-5 minutes. In China, "3D MagicPan" achieves the transformation of cutting-edge technology and civil productivity for the first time. With the use of 3D printing technology, it can print delicious pancakes with a variety of patterns, to meet the growing personalized demand of young people. It is an epoch-making product in China's food industry that successfully uses 3D technology to combine delicious food and fun for the first time. Due to the innovation of the project, it has been widely reported by CCTV, NHK and other well-known domestic media. It also attracts great attention from the vendors and receives orders from them.

The significance of a new technology lies in acquiring a better living experience. CES not only showcases cutting-edge hardware technology, but also its original attempt of human-orientation and life evolution. Consumers around the world are now attaching more importance to product details and user experience and this may be a good opportunity for Chinese brands to stand out.

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