CINEMOOD, Mini Cinema for Families With Kid-Friendly Preloaded Content, Showcasing at CES 2017
Looking for a fantastic novel way of entertaining the family without gadgets? CINEMOOD brings the family back together!

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CINEMOOD Storyteller is a portable mini cinema that can project onto any surface. Featuring expertly curated content, users can pick from a bilingual pre-loaded library of cartoons, audio stories, digital books, lullabies, shadow puppet show tutorials and much more — brought to you on one simple device.

CINEMOOD's content is going to be updated monthly thanks to the cloud library subscription. Its pre-filtered user's preferences making it fun and usable for all ages from 0 to 99!

About CINEMOOD Storyteller:

  • It is portable - take the mini cinema with you on-the-go!
  • The lamp technology provides a safe reflected light. So you and your children are not exposed to blue light, which is proven to be harmful
  • There are Smart Covers that not only add protectiveness, but also include NFC technology, unlocking new series of cartoons downloaded via Wi-Fi
  • You can watch your own content using the included USB adaptor and your flash drive
  • Parental controls will be available with the forthcoming companion Mobile App (iOS, available on Android in the near future)

A great way of viewing your favorite stories with your family and step into a magical fairytale atmosphere!

Visit CINEMOOD at Booth #31827
LV Convention Center,
South Hall Level 3

Lika Zamanina
Skype: lika_nika8