Abilix Stuns CES, Introduces Revolutionary Educational Robots

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The 50th CES which ran from Jan 5th - 8th in Las Vegas, is the world's gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies and a pilgrimage for big fans of electronics. The robotics industry, which is in the eye of the storm, became a focus of attention this year at CES. Abilix, a brand from PartnerX, the creator and leader of educational robots, showed up at CES with its revolutionary educational robots. These robots were not only well-received by visitors but also drew the eyes of media from all over the globe.

Abilix-led Craze, Even Adults Fall in Love with It

Educational robots are a new industry for Abilix. Based on educational robotics, it unprecedentedly takes programmable intelligent educational robots as the carrier to provide kids a broad space to design, through which kids' success ability (the balance of analytical ability, creative ability, and practical ability) can be cultivated and science literacy can be improved. With 20 years of market penetration, educational robots have swept around the world.

Abilix, a hit at CES.

The four series of robots that appeared at CES brought new revolutionary breakthroughs. Brick Series Krypton, Mobile Series Oculus, Humanoid Series Everest and Flying Series Iris are 4 entirely different educational robot forms.

Brick series Krypton features a unique six-face attachable system. It leaves the widest space for mechanical creation, which gives free rein to kids' imaginations so that they can construct any models they like, such as planes, motorcycles, the Eiffel Tower and so on. Krypton is also equipped with a powerful controller whose computing power is 26.6 times of that of a well-known brand. What's more, it possesses voice recognition and face recognition which is unique over its equivalents.

Abilix Educational Robot Brick Krypton 7

Mobile series Oculus, which is fancy outside, has rich sensors and actuators as well. Beyond that, it has a smart brain, powerful programming apps and a cyclone dust-collecting system, which makes it the leading mobile series educational robot in the world. The automatic vacuum cleaner in the market so far can only sweep in a random manner, while Oculus is different. Kids can have Oculus clean the house for mom by writing a smart program for it.

Flying series Iris is the world's first flying series educational robot that is specially-designed for preteens and teens. With many original core technologies, it performs great in safety, drop resistance and collision avoidance. The fully-enclosed protective technology and 360° obstacle avoidance technology guarantees kids' safety during operation. The damage-free after dropping technology can keep the robot from destruction if it falls from somewhere high.

4 series of Abilix educational robotics

The 2-DOF hip joint motor, which is the crucial innovation of the Humanoid series Everest, makes the robot walk like a human being and turn easily compared to the joints of other similar robots in the market, which are relatively inflexible and can only turn by sliding.

Abilix possesses revolutionary programming systems, which are specially designed for kids at diverse levels. 3-5 year old kids can easily control their robots with Project Programming App. Abilix Chart and Scratch is suitable for students from primary to middle high school, while high school students can program with C language or Java. It's worth noting that the original Project Programming App and Abilix Chart has the dream that young children also can engage in educational robotics, whereby their success ability can be cultivated and their science literacy can be improved.

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