FiGigantic Security Highlighted in CES, Re-molding Future Life with Intelligence

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The CES 2017 kicked off in Las Vegas of the U.S. With a history of near 50 years, CES is one of the largest trade fairs of consumer technology goods in the world. The CES each year witnesses the development path of global electronic technologies and highlights the development trend of the whole technology sector in the following year. As a core battlefield for going international, the CES has always been an event of strategic importance for technology manufacturers to make a figure. According to the incomplete statistics of official information by the committee of CES, this year the number of Chinese enterprises coming to the event has made a new record. Chinese technical enterprises such as Huawei, DJI, Skyworth, FiGigantic Security and Royole, as leading enterprises representing the most-cutting technologies of China, have carried a series of surrealistic new technological products to the event, which has caught enough eyeballs and been covered by media at home and abroad.

As a benchmark event of global electronics industry, the CES has witnessed the significant fruits from the frontline of science and technology from around the world, which are high in innovation and reference values. The big show this year has witnessed the emerging of various "black technologies," ranging from smart wears, quantum dot technology, QLED to virtual reality and artificial intelligence, among which the intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) is still the hottest key word of science and technology.

With the advent of the era of Internet of All Things, big data processing and in-depth intelligent learning have penetrated into every aspect of our life and turned the eco-industry of Internet of Things into a reality. Nowadays, all flowers bloom together in the eco-industry of IoT. Naturally FiGigantic Security which is playing an important role in the industry of IoT, it will not be absent from such a spectacular stage. On the CES2017 this year, it carried its technically leading CC+ IoT cloud platform, independently developed platform and functional robot Sisi and smart devices integrating cutting-edge technologies to the event. As soon as these star products were displayed, the media and consumers from around the world were amazed.

Under the industrial pattern of global IoT with fierce competition, as the globally leading provider of platform-based intelligent hardware scene-targeted solutions, FiGigantic Security is setting the trend for the innovation of IoT technology with each industrial upgrade. It was reported that around the IoT+ intelligent hardware scene-targeted solutions, this time FiGigantic Security not only exhibited its outstanding strength in the scene-targeted hardware construction, but also aimed to roll out its Cheongsam IoT operation system with an open source, CC+ cloud platform and Cloudring intelligent eco-system to be deployed globally. It is committed to providing hardware manufacturers, developers and partner enterprises with IoT+ solutions, products and services with the intelligent hardware as the entrance; helping customers innovate their business models by making use of the IoT and artificial intelligence technologies, thereby achieving a huge breakthrough in the business structure and operation mode and taking another big stride towards the global deployment strategy for the ecology of IoT. FiGigantic Security expressed, the life in the future would be characterized by Internet of All Things. Depending on the open "CC+ intelligent and open cloud platform," it will build a coordinated intelligent eco-system, connect data of customers under different scenes, network users, objects and services, thoroughly get rid of the shackles of intelligent hardware products in functions and product experience, break the limitation of intelligent hardware in the interconnection function and application at the access end, thereby truly providing the customers with more viable products and better service experience and re-molding the future life with intelligence.

The exhibition and release of technologies in the CES, to a great extent, forebode the evolution trend and market dynamics of consumer electronic goods market in the following one or two years. With an international vision, FiGigantic Security has enough reason to choose the CES as the best "window" for it to show itself to the world, and scramble for the international market with a more active attitude and implement its global strategy. Taking the lead in the IoT industry of China, will FiGigantic Security bring a big surprise to the IoT market of the world on the international battlefield of CES and set an example for the IoT industry of China. Let's wait and see.

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