FiFish grabs the attentions, brings CES innovation award home!

BEIJING, Jan. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On Jan 5th, 2017, FiFish, Qiyuan Technology 's underwater drone, makes a brilliant appearance at the 50th CES Convention. Among over 3,600 products from 150 countries, FiFish has won the 2017 innovation award, and has become the only winner among its kind. FiFish is an important sponsor project from Taihuoniao technology.

CES innovation winner is getting lots of "likes" from Industrial Leaders

FiFish is the first underwater drone for consumer market, It fulfills the demands of customers with desires of underwater exploration, and provides a brand new way for photographers, diving and water sport lovers, and underwater explorers.

As a convention recognized internationally, CES's awards are considered as " the Olympic awards in consumer electronic industry". After last year's debut, FiFish has another "intimate contact" with this industry this year.

The innovation awarding FiFish caught the eyes of leaders in the many fields of industries. Dr. Weicheng Cui, the previous deputy chief designer who has designed one of the world's deepest diving submersible "Jiao Long", gave his full affirmation and praise upon FiFish's design concepts and photographing ability. The first Chinese Hasselblad portrait and marine photographer, Mo Xie, has always paid close attention to the FiFish latest news, from the concept design all the way to product launching.

First to begin, setting the trend of popularizing ROV

Since the very beginning, mankind has never stopped exploring the Earth because our passion and curiosity for our homeland. On the other hand, exploring the ocean has meaningful purpose since the ocean takes an important role of environmental and climate change, origin of live, earthquake prediction; the list goes on.

Nowadays, there are countless drones that can fly in the sky, and yet only few can go under the water.

"71% of the earth is covered by ocean but only less than 5% of which has been explored. So far 12 people have walked on the moon; around 500 people have visited outer space, but there are only 3 people has been to the deepest ocean at Mariana Trench. The underwater world is still mysterious and it is time for us to rediscover the ocean", said Chong Zhang, the founder and CEO of Qiyuan Technology.

In July of 2015, the team started the consumer underwater drone project, with the determination of reshaping the traditional ROV industry and the passion of exploring the ocean. And that is the origin of today's Qiyuan Technology and the FiFish.

Mastering the core technology, Leading the new trend of ROV field

Fifish is the first attempt to bring military and industrial underwater drone into the consumer market; it is also the inspiration for people to explore the mysterious underwater world. It created a new market demand. Fifish has at least one year advance in progress compare to other products in the same field due to the developers' anticipation and  judgment for market. With this advantage, we not only accumulated a fully understanding of the industry, but also became a pioneer to leading the market.

Qiyuan Technology focuses on the key technology development and breakthrough for underwater drone. We have our own core technologies and algorithms, including state of art component design, robot operating system, video/data collection system, cloud processing and terminal application etc. FiFish equipped with the company's independently researched and developed core components: underwater propeller system, camera and lighting system, control system, underwater communication system and real-time feedback system. It can stream the real-time high resolution video under the water. At the CES Convention, Qiyuan Technology has been working with Xiaomi VR team to provide VR devices for guests to experience mysterious underwater world, and immerse into the incomparable beauty of the deep sea.

A new ear of personal underwater exploration

At this year's CES, Fifish gets all the attention from the variety of industries and potential partners. Zhang Chong, Founder and CEO of Qiyuan Technology, mentioned that the launch of Fifish has started a brand new way for personal underwater exploration, and lowered down the barrier for ocean explore. At the same time, the innovative technology has brought revolutionary changes to the industry's application and expanding. We are working actively to bring more well-developed technology from consumer market to the marine fields; and establishing partnership with leading organizations all over the world on the key technologies for the marine field. We are convinced that we can bring meaningful revolutions for the world and put its application into widely uses.

Reports show that by the year of 2020, China's unmanned submersible market will reach a total of 80 billion RMB every year, and 30 billion RMB for the military unmanned submersible market. And for the civilian unmanned submersible usage, there will be 43 billion for B2B market, with about 6 billion RMB for research and rescue, 13.7 billion for security monitoring , and up to 370 million for research. For personal diving companion unmanned submersible, there is also going to be 6 billion.

With this huge market availability, Qiyuan Technology is committed to create a new era for personal ocean exploration. With the usage of virtual reality, live video streaming and social media, we can let more people to understand the ocean, and start the exploration and protection of the ocean, this "last frontier" of our blue planet. And let the beautiful, embracing ocean inspire everyone who has passion of underwater exploration. With a dream like this and the mind of persistent, Qiyuan technology has gathered 10 million RMB investments from Taihuoniao technology, Wanqiang Li, the co-founder of Xiaomi Technology, and Kaifu Li, the founder of Sinnovation Ventures, and Rainbow Fish Technology.

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