Taihuoniao Presents Products that Represent the Innovation Strength of China in the CES Exhibition

BEIJING, Jan. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- As the world's largest consumer electronics trade show, CES 2017 which runs from January 5-8, 2017shows the world the future of technology trends and presents the most advanced technologies and products. With the rise of China, Chinese companies are increasingly important in the world-class arena of CES. In 2017, the number of Chinese enterprises participating as well as the quality of their products has reached a new high.

As China's leading incubator for aesthetic & technology products and a global sales company, Taihuoniao technology provides a platform for internet or original design startups to establish themselves in China and/or in international markets. , Services include helping with the creation of crowdfunding plans and assistance with sales & marketing. Some brands revealed in the list are from Taihuoniao.

In the past year, the most significant change of the Chinese technology companies is the increasing attention paid to overseas markets. Many of the most cutting-edge technology products were launched in overseas markets first or simultaneously at home and abroad. The bar is raised even higher for 2017, making this is a great time for Chinese companies to present their innovative products and show the improvements that have been made. Today, we have listed a few technology products that we believe are representative of China's innovative power, exhibited at CES.

FiFish P4

Underwater robot for exploration

Booth No.Sands 52206

The highlights: a pool was built at the venue; the FiFish underwater drones launched the world's first public display underwater.

FiFish - Atlantis is an ROV underwater drone, and the world's first underwater drone that has entered the consumer market. It is being launched by TAIHUONIAO Technology & QiYuan Technology.  In addition to design innovation, FiFish is also equipped with a plurality of advanced core components by independent research and development: underwater propulsion system, underwater camera and lighting system, control system, telecommunication gear for underwater remote control and real-time display system above water and so on. It can carry out real-time transmission of high-definition video from underwater. With a VR device, you can totally immerse in "zero gravity" underwater.

Prior to this, this product has received a CES Innovation Award in the UAV category. It has also appeared in MSV 2016 in Brno, Czech, and was praised by the Czech Prime Minister while also attracting the attention of the related industries.

Poputar Smart Guitar

Booth No. South Hall 3 - 31835

The highlights: a smart ukulele product that is on display at CES for the first time.

The difference it has from the traditional guitar is that the Poputar smart guitar neck is equipped with 120 crystal clear LED lights. Through Bluetooth, it's synchronized with the game on the App. The guitar playing position is visualized to help beginners quickly master the guitar. At the same time, through an APP that focuses on popular music, it is connected to the guitar. It can turn the self-study process into a game-like experience, as one has in the games of "Rhythm Master" and "Guitar Hero", to learn playing guitar easily and efficiently.

Prior to this, Poputar smart guitar won the No. 1 title in the 2016 Creative Business Cup First China Final, and will represent China in the annual global final in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Rokid Pebble

Booth :Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

The highlights: the first public product demonstration.

Rokid Pebble is Rokid's newly developed artificial intelligence product. The user can fully interact with the Pebble through natural voice and control smart home appliances. The Pebble has self-learning ability and can bring more personalized services in all aspects of music, life, travel, etc. according to the user's preferences. As a pioneer in the field of AI, the groundbreaking technology of this product is its sound direction finding system and the voiceprint recognition system. As long as it's within its operating sound collection range, the user can say their requests to the Pebble. After processing, it helps complete the task.

As a technology company that focuses on artificial intelligence, Rokid has a number of technologies that are in the leading ranks of the world, and owns almost a hundred core proprietary technologies as well as a total of over 200 patents. The first generation Rokid robot won the 2016 CES double awards, and this latest Rokid Pebble won again, winning the 2017 CES double awards.

DOBBY pocket drone

Booth No. South Hall 2   S25229

The highlights: DOBBY pocket drone conducts its first indoor cluster flight demonstration in North America.

DOBBY pocket drone is the only intelligent UAV that can be carried around in a pocket and it weighs only 199g. It can be controlled through an APP in the palm of your hand to go up and down. In addition to capturing 13MP pictures and 1080p video. It also has intelligent follow, face recognition, one-key circulate, smart track short video, multiple drones formation and more functions.

Prior to this, it triggered discussion among Unbox Therapy and other overseas technology experts and repeatedly appeared on Chinese television where it demonstrated indoor automated fleet formation flight.

Unicorn full carbon fiber road bike

Booth No.Sands 45021

The highlights: latest Unicorn high-end model debut.

"Unicorn "is a full carbon fiber road bike that combines great comfort, excellent controllability, leading lightweight characteristics and aesthetic design. This series contains three models, namely Unicorn Di2, Unicorn Pro and Unicorn X. It is equipped with a new carbon fiber layering technology, VCS, built-in power meter, SpeedX Force 3.0 intelligent control and other cutting-edge technologies, making Unicorn an unprecedentedly excellent. Its body only weighs 850 grams, the accuracy rate of SpeedX power meter reaches 99%.

3D MagicPan

Booth No. 42937

The highlights: The "3D pancake machine & machine arm" high-tech brings a delicious experience.

"3D MagicPan" is China's first 3D pancake printer. The machine takes in the "ink" that is composed of flour, eggs, water and other raw materials and print pancake with all kinds of pattern within 1-5 minutes. In China, "3D MagicPan" achieves the transformation of cutting-edge technology and civil productivity for the first time. With the use of 3D printing technology, it can print delicious pancakes with a variety of patterns, to meet the growing personalized demand of young people. It is an epoch-making product in China's food industry that successfully uses 3D technology to combine delicious food and fun for the first time. Due to the innovation of the project, it has been widely reported by CCTV, NHK and other well-known domestic media. It has also attracted great attention from vendors, whom have already placed a large number of orders.

SOURCE Taihuoniao

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