SpaceoutVR, Inc. launches a Space Program for personified, sociable VR on Android smartphones

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CES 2017 and VR Fest 2017 -- SpaceoutVR introduces a futuristic version of its App. Using Machine Learning and Social Graph analysis, Spaceout.VR creates personified Spaces automagically. "Spacers" in "mySpaceout" are immersed in content recommended by their personal interests. Spacers can also explore Spaces of other humans and trending personalities. While there, they can leave comments and get notifications from other Spacers.

Now available on Google Play: 

Our new and updated features include:

  1. MySpaceout – your life transmitted into silicon, a SIMgularity of social responsiveness. PandAI searches for media based on analysis of your social graph. Visit your personal space station and Spaceout with your friends.
  2. Comments & Notifications – get audio messages from your friends who check out your space. Leave voice comments on any content panel. When your friends login, they will get your messages.
  3. Customize your Space – Gaze and launch the editor do a voice search on any topic. Choose from Youtube, Google, Giphy and Wikimedia for the coolest media online.
  4. PandAI is your friend in VR! - PandAI updates you on the latest keywords he learned from your virtual persona.
  5. Persona Crystal – See your digital brain uploaded into a crystal storage unit. Visit your friends' crystals and find matches to similar profiles.
  6. New Navigation – Look down to use the SPACE BUTTON target with gaze navigation to control your navigation console.
  7. Features – We've kept all the great features of Spaceout.VR as "Games and Places":
    1. RHYTHM.VR - Create a fully immersive, sound-responsive world from your personal music library, built in mic and SoundCloud account.
    2. HEADBANGERZ - the endless rhythm game catapults on a roller coaster of music powered visuals! Compete against your friends & share your gameplay.
    3. VISION.VR - The first Facebook photo experience in VR! Ride the VISION.VR social highway to see your photos in a whole new dimension.
    4. PLACES - Discover distant lands while enjoying your favorite music.
    5. Extended Features – Sharing and inviting friends to space-out are now conveniently in portrait mode.

The purpose is to leverage the maximum experience of VR for Entertainment, Communications and Gaming. 

"We feel it's important to empower personified VR Spaces," said V Owen Bush, CEO, SpaceoutVR, Inc. "Your Space is your Avatar. It's a Space Program for everyone. The Spatial Persona is a giant leap for our company and our players. We see this as the next progression in communications and social networks."

Over 200,000 downloaders of Spaceout.VR will now become the 1st "Spacers".

Ignacio Platas, chief product officer of SpaceoutVR, Inc. "We want to enable new forms of social engagement. Now artists, brands and people can easily virtualize into a sharable personified Space." He further said, "with user data feeding validated learning, we will improve the experience on a daily basis."

IBM Watson was trained to run your PandAI!

"This was a huge task. Hitting performance targets for mobile VR was extremely difficult, especially while making sure things look good and work together like deciphering verbal descriptions and Google searches in VR" said Agustín Abreu, chief technology officer of SpaceoutVR, Inc. "The new features take advantage of the power of current smartphones and leverage the state of the art cloud computing".

Spaceout.VR "Space Program" will debut at the VR Festival in Las Vegas on January 5th -7th.

Spaceout.VR will be showcase its technology at the VR Festival in Las Vegas, joining a group of VR innovators. The festival will be at multiple locations and host to various events and announcements. (more information & tickets: Please come see Spaceout.VR at:

January 6th Las Vegas Production Studio- VR FEST - 12pm – 7pm  
January 7th RED NIGHT CLUB– Downtown Las Vegas9:30PM –…. !

The VR Space Program will offer millions of VR users a new home in VR.

"The wow phase is over and VR is here to stay." said Dennis Adamo, Chief Operating Officer of SpaceoutVR, Inc. "Until now, VR has not been a part of people's lifestyles. Now with Spacout.VR people can interact in VR the same way they would online and in real life."  He also stated that, "The business opportunity to bring people together is forever evolving. We have made great strides to bring social behaviors to VR. In the near future we will monetize with a micro-goods economy driven by our spacers."

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Founded in 2015, SpaceoutVR, Inc. is a "Start-Up New York" company. Headquartered in Troy, N.Y., with offices in New York City. SpaceoutVR, Inc. is a developer of Mobile VR Apps and an integrated VR content publisher. Spaceout.VR integrates entertainment, gaming and communications into a personified VR App. Spaceout.VR transforms your digital life into sociable VR spaces automagically. Spaceout.VR thrives on the emotional connection between a person, their phone, their networks and their personal media. We monetize with an in-app economy, subscription and advertising.

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